News Wrap 02Good morning all. Another fabulous Tuesday… said no-one ever. Have some gaming news and videos to make it better.


While Games with Gold is “fundamentally different from some of the other programs” around, you can expect it to improve still. [More on Polygon]

Titanfall will run at 792p on the Xbox One at launch, but may get to 1080p non-anti-aliased or 900p with FXAA. Or 0p in South Africa (thanks r0gue Zombie)… [More on Eurogamer]

Battlefield 4 on console will have servers available to rent “soon”. Meanwhile, a new patch has been released for the Xbox One version of the game, which brings it up to date with the PC and PS4 versions of the game. The full list of changes can be viewed here.

The drop-in multiplayer for Watch Dogs can be controlled by you, the player. Should you wish to prevent other players from invading your game, you can. [More on Polygon]

Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Jackdaw Edition for PC, Xbox One and PS4. This ‘Game of the Year’ edition will feature the main game plus all Season Pass content, including Freedom Cry. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Ubisoft Toronto is working on five unannounced titles, two of which are being co-developed with other studios. [More on The Star]

The Trophies for inFamous: Second Son have been revealed. The full list (including a few spoilers) can be viewed here.

DriveClub has had to “go back to the drawing board” which sounds a lot like it’s been delayed. Sony Worldwide Studios America, Scott Rohde, told IGN that the game will not be released “before it’s ready”. Apparently more details will be forthcoming son.

A new update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released and adds – along with some obvious fixes – multi-monitor support. The full list of changes are available on CVG.

Concept art for the PlayStation Now interface has revealed the possible pricing for game rentals via the streaming service. The pricing reveals $4.99 for Uncharted 3, and $5.99 for Far Cry 3 but doesn’t give an indication of how long that is for.

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will be added to the US Instant Game Collection this week for PS3.

Lollipop Chainsaw (remember it from 2012?) has snuck past one million copies sold. [via Twitter]

Pre-orders for Daylight have opened on Steam. The game is available from 9 April, and pre-ordering now equals a saving of 33% and bagging the game’s official soundtrack.

A board game for Portal is due out later this year. Maybe you will be able to have your cake and eat it. [More on Polygon]


Twitch live stream for the Xbox One is now up and running. [More on Xbox Wire]


Sony and Panasonic have developed the next generation of optical disc – the ‘Archival Disc‘. The first versions of the disc are expected in the summer of 2015 and will be able to store 300GB, but the companies expect the capacity to hit 1GB in the future. [More on CVG]

Sony will be presenting a talk at GDC by SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, SCEA R&D senior director Richard Marks, and SCEA R&D senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov. There are rumours of course, and these are suggesting that Sony will reveal their virtual reality hardware. [More on CVG]

Microsoft is reviewing their parity clause for the ID@Xbox program on a case by case basis. Speaking to Edge, a spokesperson said: “Our goal is not to limit developers who are interested in Xbox One.”

Microsoft‘s new leadership is “extremely committed” to the Xbox brand. [More on Polygon]

The first wave of exhibitors have been announced for Gamescom 2014. You can see Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, CD Projekt Red, Crytek, Deep Silver and Konami at the expo due to be held in Cologne on 13 to 17 August.

Dominic Cooper, one of the stars of the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, has said in an interview with CVG that satisfying the fans of the game is “terrifying”.

HMV in the UK has slashed 70% off all their pre-owned titles in what is believed to be an effort to move out of the pre-owned market. Games discounted are across all platforms including Xbox One and Ps4 titles. [More on CVG]


A new commercial for Destiny shows off some new gameplay. The game is scheduled for release on 9 September for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

Dark Souls II ‘Locomotive Breath’ launch trailer.

Learn how not to die in Dark Souls II.

Side-by-side footage of Watch Dogs shows what many are perceiving as “downgrading” the game’s visuals since its E3 showing in 2012.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled for release on 17 April. Pre-ordering the game will grant you access to the closed beta currently running.

Gone Home will be coming to console. Celebrate with an announcement trailer.

Costume Quest 2 is scheduled for console and PC release at Halloween this year.

Capcom has announced the Pro Tour for their Street Fighter series. The Capcom Pro Tour is a partnership with Twitch and is a “year round fighting game league.”