About us

Zombies & Gamers

Welcome to Zombiegamer.co.za.  Unfortunately, we aren’t really zombies…

We are in fact South African gamers who are passionate about gaming and the community that embraces this wonderful hobby of ours, who took over the site from the original Zombiegamer in May 2009. Starting out as a project between two console clans – OAP and RIP – with around 40 members in total, the intermediate years saw two left standing in the shape of Zombie Dredd and r0gue Zombie.

Since 2014, Zombiegamer  now consists of one main editor,  Zombie Dredd, who tries as hard as possible to update the site regularly along with contributions coming from others. While no experts in writing, we may be able to consider ourselves experts in playing games, and voicing our opinions. This site is the perfect opportunity for us to do both, and hopefully be informative, to you, our most valued visitor to this site of ours.

Please feel free to browse, give us feedback and even if you don’t agree, your comments are still welcome.

Reviews & Ratings

This site is mainly about games.  It is written by gamers with gamers in mind.  Our review policy is simple – say what you feel.  Just as you would when playing the game for fun.  Did you enjoy it?  Are you glad you bought it?  Was it a waste of money?  Hopefully, our feelings, comments and advice will help you to decide on whether or not you want to part with your well earned money.

We loathe the idea of a total numerical or scientific rating system only.  We have ridiculed it as an arbitrary way of assigning quality.  We have all shouted and disagreed on the scores given to our favourite.  I mean why give it 94 when 95 is sooo much nearer to its real score…We thought about an A, B, C scoring system, but really, most of us hated that at school.  We discussed the possibility of a two thumbs up, two thumbs down rating system.  But after a zombie attacks, what’s the first limb you tend to lose?  Yep.  Thumbs.

Eventually, a moment of clarity was attained.  Zombie films.  Of course.  There are classic ones and there are trite ones.  Subjective at times, but we were running short of ideas.  So after tearing at each other in an attempt establish dominance as the Alpha zombie, a relatively democratic vote decided on the primary rating system you see used (for now) on the Reviews.  As we have admitted, we are gamers – not journalists, and so we want to mainly review games and give it the general thumbs up or not on our zombie film scale.


Zombiegamer is taking its first tentative steps into the world of gaming events.  After years of supporting SA gaming, we’ve decided it is time to put our money where our mouth is, and start to supply the gaming community with the events needed to help push the growth of both eSports on console and social gaming in general.

The first public appearance of the ZG Events team was at the 2013 Cape Tattoo Expo – an effort to bring gaming to a wider audience, which proved very successful if comments from all received were anything to go by.

That was followed by a small weekly event at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town.  With a rotation of games on a weekly basis, the idea was to offer a place to enjoy both competitive and casual gaming while socialising.

Since then, events have become varied and more ambitious. In the last few years, we have hosted over 30 Call of Duty LAN events (both individually and in partnership), substantially more FIFA tournaments, along with Halo, fighting, racing, and ultimate gamer style events. We have partnered with other organisations to ensure a wider variety of titles and platforms and have had the honour of being involved with events and expos such as EGE, UCON, Zombie Fest and more.

While the plan has always been to expand into all major cities, the main focus remains in Cape Town.  We plan to work in conjunction with established and up-and-coming companies who are keen to be involved in the growth of gaming in South Africa.  We will continue to work in partnership with other established gaming events companies whenever possible.  We want you to join us, and would like to get feedback whenever possible on any event we may host, and that you may attend.

In 2015, we were pleased to announce the formation of the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) which is co-owned by Clint ‘Zombie Dredd’ O’Shea and Clan Connection’s Nick ‘HoldenZA’ Holden and is the esports and tournament site that plans to offer South African competitive players all that they’ve been waiting for.

On top of that, if you are a company looking for consoles and TVs to rent for events, feel free to drop Zombie ‘Clint’ Dredd an email and he will do what he can to assist – whether it’s equipment only, or management of a gaming portion to your planned event.

If you would like to contact us directly,  please use the following mail address: info@zombiegamer.co.za