This weekend, rAge hits Cape Town, and we’re very excited to be part of the event by hosting the Astro Gaming Cup in conjunction with Clan Connection, and the event sponsors Astro Gaming.

This tournament is – we hope – the first of many to feature the Astro brand and we hope to see the community show support to the sponsors, the players and the teams and help make the tournament a success. In fact, we encourage you to be vocal about the team you support, and you can do so by grabbing the supporter profile pictures below. Also remember to use #AGCZA when chatting on Twitter.

In the meanwhile, allow us to introduce you to the four invited teams that will be participating over the weekend.

The following is a Press Release:

We are happy to announce the teams for the Astro Gaming Cup. Below we have included a statement from each team, introduction video and social media:

Carbon Astra

Statement: “We were extremely grateful and appreciative when we were invited to attend the Astro Gaming Invitational LAN.
We will be participating with our new roster and we see this as a huge opportunity to promote eSports and our brand.
We are aiming to win this tournament and I feel we have a great chance of doing so, especially with our new roster change. The Astro Gaming Cup is a prestigious LAN Event and we will be walking into it with maximum preparation.”

Social Media: Twitter | Youtube

Energy eSports

Statement: “I personally want to thank Astro Gaming for giving our community this amazing opportunity and thank everybody who is involved. It is such an honor to have my team invited to this tournament. For somebody like me who has been around since the start, it is humbling to see where we are right now in terms of competitive Call of Duty. From hosting tournaments just for fun and bragging rights to been invited to a 50K international sponsored event, shows the growth of our local scene and gives me so much hope for the future.” – Ismail “Jakes” Jacobs, captain of Energy eSports

Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Team Adept

Statement: “We as Team Adept feel honored to be playing in the Astro Gaming Cup. The event is a landmark occasion for the South African Competitive Call of Duty (#CODZA) community, which we know will only help to grow local eSports even further.
We eagerly await the event to settle some old rivalries and prove that we are one of the best teams in South Africa.” – Andrew “Drew” Harris, captain of Team Adept

Social Media: Twitter

Vinco Gaming

Statement: “As a clan Vinco Gaming joined the #ASTROfamily in February 2016 and we are awestruck that such an amazing company has not only landed in ZA but are diving straight into the local eSports communities by hosting the Astro Gaming Cup Invitational. It is a huge honor to Represent Astro and the #CODZA community at the very first RageExpo held in Cape Town and we hope to put on a professional and entertaining display for not just those present but the rest of the local eSport community who turn up on the live stream! We know we have a lot to prove and will make our supporters proud! Thank you, Holden and Zombie, as well as the gents at Astro Gaming for bringing us this amazing #AGCZA it truly is an honor to be involved!” – Clint “CS1977” Smith, co-owner of Vinco Gaming

Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Stream and Match Schedule:

All the matches will be live streamed at the following link:


  • 3 pm: Vinco Gaming Vs Team Adept
  • 4 pm: Energy eSports Vs Astra Infinite
  • 5 pm: Vinco Gaming Vs Energy eSports


  • 10 am: Team Adept Vs Astra Infinite
  • 11 am: Team Adept Vs Energy eSports
  • 12 pm: Vinco Gaming Vs Astra Infinite
  • 2 pm: Semi Final 1
  • 4 pm: Semi Final 2


  • 10 am: 3rd and 4th Playoff
  • 2 pm: Finals

Should you have any questions please let us know.

ZombieGamer: Website | Twitter | Facebook
Clan Connection: Twitter | Facebook
Astro Gaming: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Pick your team: