With rAge hitting the Mother City on 18 to 20 March, we are pleased to reveal that Astro Gaming will be celebrating the official recent release of their headsets in South Africa by way of an invitational featuring four of the country’s top Call of Duty teams on console.

While the teams will be playing for R50,000 in prizes up for grabs, attendees can also get the chance to try out the headsets from Astro Gaming, as well as meet, greet and challenge the teams and players. rAge Expo visitors will also be able to view the matches live and via the internet.

The four team that will be competing in the Astro Gaming Invitational will be revealed soon, but they will be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in a round robin to single elimination tournament.

The Astro Gaming tournament will be run by your friendly neighborhood zombies in partnership with Clan Connection, who will be streaming every single second of the action as it unfolds over the course of the weekend.

Press Release:

ASTRO Gaming will be hosting a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 invitational tournament to celebrate the launch of ASTRO Gaming Headsets and apparel in the country. The ASTRO Gaming Cup will take place at the rAge expo in Cape Town (18 March-20 March), where prizes to the value of R50 000 will be awarded to the top three placing teams.

The ASTRO Gaming Cup will see four of the top South African Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teams (still to be announced) participate in a round robin to single elimination tournament, on the PlayStation 4. Attendees of the rAge Expo can view the matches live and will additionally be able to get a hands-on experience with the hottest headset in Africa.

“After the recent launch of the ASTRO brand in South Africa, and the immediate warm reception by the community, we wanted to help give back by supporting some of the local gaming events. We are excited to help support both rAge expo, and the South African gaming community by helping to provide another local platform for competition.” said Walter Duccini, Director of International Marketing for ASTRO Gaming.

The ASTRO Gaming CUP will be run by ZombieGamer in partnership with Clan Connection, who will be streaming every single second of the action as it unfolds at the rAge Expo.

“It’s always very exciting for us to be hosting a competitive tournament at rAge. Companies like ASTRO Gaming supporting local teams can only be good for the continued growth of the local eSports industry and I look forward to seeing how this all plays out on the day.” Michael James, Senior Project Manager rAge EXPO.

“We are extremely excited to be running the very first Astro Gaming backed tournament in South Africa. ZombieGamer, in partnership with Clan Connection, is looking forward to putting together an event that showcases some of the best gaming talents in the country. ” Nicholas Holden, Owner of Clan Connection and Clint O’Shea, Owner of ZombieGamer.

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