African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) has brought their updated site online and it comes packed with a number of improvements and features.

They have also announced continued tournaments in preparation of season two of their ongoing tournament series and will expand to add some Rocket League events. The full list of April tournaments and dates can be found below. There is also a headset giveaway to celebrate the launch of the updated site.

Site Improvements

The new site is now more responsive and a number of issues users found when using browsers other than Chrome have been sorted out.

The ACGL homepage now houses more content and quick links to selected tournaments.

Much of the profile and team management has now been simplified and options made clearer for users. Players can be members of multiple teams at once.

The tournament management has seen the addition of competitor score reporting and teams and team members able to communicate with their opponents via their profile page.

There are a couple of videos are available to show new (and even veteran) users how to navigate around the site and use the various features.

There are more updates and additions promised in the future as any issues and requests come to light.

In the meanwhile, head over to the site and sign up or get your entry in for the giveaway.

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The full press release is below:


Tournament scheduling now returns to ‘normal’

South Africa, 18th April 2017 – Thanks to the feedback of tournament participants and community members, as well as our drive to constantly improve user satisfaction, a number of updates have now been implemented on our tournament site.

Improvements to the site include a more responsive design and better compatibility with all internet browsers. Users will now find the management of their profiles, teams and clans simpler. Features such as joining and leaving teams are now much clearer and easier.

The homepage now offers more information and content, as well as simpler navigation to current and featured tournaments. For tournaments, users can now submit their match scores directly on the site. Communication between competing teams and players can now be done on each other’s profile page.

With the site relaunch we will operate a number of tournaments across multiple titles and platforms including the addition of Rocket League. These will continue until 30 April as we prepare for the start of season two in our rolling tournament series. We are also celebrating our relaunch with a giveaway that will go to one of our supporters.

The upcoming tournaments are:

  • 20 April: Halo 5 2v2 (Xbox)
  • 23 April: CoD Infinite Warfare 4v4 (PS4)
  • 25 April: Rocket League 2v2 (PS4 & PC)
  • 26 April: Overwatch 1v1 (PS4, Xbox & PC)
  • 27 April: FIFA 17 1v1 (PS4)
  • 27 April: CoD Infinite Warfare 2v2 (PS4)
  • 29 April: Rocket League 3v3 (PS4 & PC)
  • 29 April: For Honor 1v1 (Xbox & PC)
  • 30 April: Halo 5 4v4 (Xbox)
  • 30 April: CoD Infinite Warfare 4v4 (PS4)

Over the coming weeks we still have a number of exciting announcements as well as the addition of some more features to the site. We will be introducing leagues, an app, an extensive content plan and a more.

We will continue to work on site and operational improvements, and should users have any suggestions we are open to hear them. Should the local community have requests for titles to be hosted, you are welcome to make contact and we will certainly consider it.

Please note that while testing was done before the site went live, there is likely to still be some bugs and we would appreciate feedback from users so that we can attend to them as quickly as possible.

Check out our videos on ‘How to Register’ and ‘How to Customise Your Profile’, with more to follow.

About ACGL:

African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) is a South African eSports company specialising in online and LAN tournament administration, management and broadcasting. ACGL was established in 2015 by the company’s directors Nick Holden and Clinton O’Shea, both of whom have many years of experience in operating both casual and competitive gaming events. We have worked together for years and formalised ACGL to establish an eSports operator for South Africa – and ultimately Africa – that offers international quality eSports locally.

ACGL is prepared to run competitive gaming (eSports) events that strategically connect consumers with your marketplace. In the ever expanding world of eSports, we provide an opportunity for your business to grow awareness and advertising via specialised channels of interactive marketing.

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