A message from our friends at Ozone Africa to all potential and interested South African gaming clans.

Recently, we at Ozone Energy Drink opened up our doors to South African gaming clans or teams for sponsorship. We’ve received many requests and they keep pouring in. We learned that there are MANY clans out there that want to get their name out there in the gaming community and get recognized.

This gave us the idea to make a guide for all of you aspiring pro gamers out there that are looking for sponsorship from Ozone South Africa, in our case, a energy drink company. So here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind when applying for clan sponsorships, whether you’re a start-up clan, or experienced pros.

Build up Your Gaming Resume

One important factor that potential sponsors are looking for is something to prove that you’re worth the time (and investment) to their business. We need to see some sort of proof that you’re here to stay and you’ve got some potential customers behind you.

You can show this by building up different channels to showcase your skills. Remember, that nobody wants to sponsor a clan that can’t deliver. Since your clan is most likely playing competitively online, on games like Modern Warfare 3, or other first-person shooters, you should focus on online-based outlets to show off your talent.

For instance, many clans make Youtube videos of their online gameplay. If you’re not good at putting together videos, find someone who can. If you’re truly competitive, you need a solid YouTube account with the focus of getting as many video views, channel views, and subscribers as possible. The fact that you have a weak sauce Youtube account with 4 subs and 0 friends is not good enough for sponsorship.

Another way to get your clan off the ground is by getting a website. There are tons of free website builders out there for you to try. This will let people know that you’re serious about gaming and your clan is here to stay.

Be creative about it, everyone has Youtube, what do you have? What sets your clan apart? Get a Twitter account and use it, get a blog going, get NOTICED.

Our final point for building up your gaming resume is to get noticed online. Simply put, you need to have a solid clan that can move up in rank on competitive gaming in South Africa. You have got to be able to perform and get noticed.

Get Focused on the Bottom Line

The most important thing that we are looking for is the ability of your clan to bring in:

  1. More traffic to our website, facebook page and twitter
  2. Sales of our products as a result of your efforts which in turn will fund sponsorship and promote SA Gaming
  3. New customers that are turned on to our product
  4. Be ambassadors for our brand and SA Gaming

This all means that you have to work to show that you can put our name out there in an effective way that is going to be a benefit to our business.

Don’t Look for Free Stuff

If you’re just looking for free stuff right off the bat, we can guarantee you that 99.9% of all potential gaming sponsors will reject you on the spot. Although getting free mods, or free modded controllers can be a plus of a gaming sponsorship, you and your clan will have to EARN it.

No business in their right mind is going to be like, “Oh, so you’ve got 2 subs on Youtube and your clan plays MW3 20hrs a day, sweet, here are some free controller mods!” Uhm, no. That is most definitely not going to happen. If you want free stuff, look elsewhere. If you want recognition for your clan, a means of getting to the top of the gaming community, and are willing to work for it, you will eventually get discounted/free products.

The point is, the more you get the sponsor’s business name out there and promote their products, the more you will get in return.

Quick Summary

So, that pretty much is the roadmap to success in the gaming sponsorship world. To wrap things up:

  • Build up your online presence (Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, Clan Website, etc.)
  • Be creative! What sets you apart from the 3489503890 other clans out there?
  • Focus on how you can help your sponsor SELL their products
  • Don’t look for free stuff from the beginning. If you’re good, it will come

So there it is future professional gamers of the South Africa. Go out there and make your presence felt and get your clan or team sponsored.

If you think you fit these requirements, send us an email at info@zombiegamer.co.za or to theozone@ozoneafrica.co.za. [Update: please note that the offer of sponsorship is no longer valid. – Undead Ed]