Orena has announced their 2015 tournament ‘Battle for the Throne’ – a sequence of single elimination tournaments over multiple titles and platforms.

Via the Orena website:

During the course of February, we will be kicking off with one of our planned ventures for 2015.

Appropriately titled, “Battle for the Throne” or “BFTT” is a King of the Hill style tournament series hosted byOrena.

Teams/Players will compete in an initial Single Elimination style tournament to determine which team/player will be the 1st “Caesar of the Orena“.

From there teams/players will return on a bi-weekly basis to compete in a similar styled Single Elimination tournament to earn the right to challenge the current Caesar to the throne! If the current Caesar/Caesar’s manage to win, they remain on the throne until the following “BFTT” tournament commences! If the challenging team wins, they become the new Caesar and such, earn the right to mock and spit on the feeble peasants as they fight their way back to challenge them in the next, Battle for the Throne!

The titles and registration links:

Up for grabs from sponsors The Division during the course of the tournaments will be a variety of items, and to keep in touch with what will be given away, keep your eye of the Orena Facebook Page.

To register yourself and your team on the Orena page, head here.