News Wrap 02Another weekend has gone. So that just means another week of the Gaming News Wrap.


Rockstar has detailed – and given tips – on how to be ready for GTA Online Heists. A leader with a rank of at least 12 and a high-end apartment , role assignment and more will need to be considered and prepared for the Heists coming. A number of new screens for the PC version of the game have also been released.

Initial reports suggest the update for GTA Online’s Heists has gone live for some gamers and weighs in at around 4.8GB on Xbox One and 1.2GB for Xbox 360.

Frontier’s David Braben recently chatted with Eurogamer about the console version of Elite: Dangerous. Importantly, the game will require an always on internet connection, with the Xbox One version being integrated into the PC’s universe.

Bloodborne will support three player co-op, player vs. player, dungeon sharing, a day one patch and more. Details were revealed on the Japanese site for the game, which DualShockers translated.

Johnny Cage and Kenshi have been confirmed for Mortal Kombat X, albeit before they were due to be officially revealed. [More…]

Street Fighter 5 will be hitting PS4 and PC ‘next spring’ (autumn if you’re in the southern hemisphere) if a – now removed – post on Capcom Unity is correct. [More…]

A new fighter and game mode for Killer Instinct Season Two has been revealed. Hisako is the name of the new Japanese fighter and the new mode is called ‘Shadows’, and allows you to fight against virtual versions of other real-world players. [More…]

Star Trek Online has unveiled its Leonard Nimoy memorials on Vulcan and New Romulus.

Infinite Crisis will launch on Steam on 26 March.

Ever thought: “there’s not enough fishing games on console?” Then you’re in luck, because Dovetail Games Fishing is heading to Xbox One. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

A report suggests that Sony is beta testing PS4 firmware update 2.50 which will introduce the long awaited suspend/resume feature, as well as adding 60fps for SharePlay, the ability to delete games with zero trophies and more.

The various Steam Machines that will arrive this November have been priced on the Steam Store. Alienware is the cheapest offering at $479.99, while at the opposite end of the spectrum lies the Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine at $4,999.99.


Xbox Live Gold will not be required for Windows 10 online play, including for games that are cross-play. [via Twitter]


Brand new gameplay for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has arrived, courtesy of PAX.

What’s in the Xbox One Collector’s Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? This…

The Zombie Army Trilogy is now out and has a launch trailer. Many zombies were harmed in the making of this video…

Gameplay footage from Wolfenstein: The Old Blood shown off at PAX East.

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting its biggest patch yet on PC. The patch (number six) weighs in at 20GB and prepares for the game’s upcoming “buy to play” model. [More…]

Dragons, dwarves and a new board are just part of the upcoming Blackrock Mountain Adventure for Hearthstone and will be released in April. [More…]

Two of Overwatch‘s characters have been revealed, with a beta for the game promised for “this fall”. [More…]

Lady Sylvanas and a new Battleground, Tomb of the Spider Queen, has been announced for Heroes of the Storm. [More…]

A new trailer for Ori and the Blind Forest.

‘Heavensward’, the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will arrive for all platforms on 23 June. [More…]