Breakfast Wrap 06Good morning everyone. Last wrap of the week. You know what that means right? Yeah, you need to make your own for the next two days until we treat you all again on Monday.


Assassin’s Creed Unity will feature microtransactions which will allow players to “fast track” unlocks, but it won’t be “compromised” by them. [More…]

Paradox’s new game, fantasy RPG Runemaster, will make its console debut on PS4. The game will only be available in 2015 and will feature Norse mythology. [More…]

There’s no PS3 version of The Crew. This is mainly due to the technical infrastructure of the console being too dissimilar to the PS4 says Ubisoft. [More…]

From Software has designed Bloodborne to be less punishing than Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. So that will be less replacement controllers sold after release then… [More…] 

So The Last Guardian is still in the works. Just don’t expect it to be shown off any time soon, and definitely not at the Tokyo Game Show. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

The PS4’s new Share Play system will have a time-based and other restrictions. Guest players will only be entitled to 60 minute sessions (but there is no limit to the number of sessions) and there will also not be any progress saving on the guest player’s account. [More…]


PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has said in a CVG interview that he doesn’t feel Sony needs to go and “buy outright exclusivity” because they have a “very large and very powerful network of studios on our own”. He is also conscious of releasing too many HD remasters and finding the right price for PlayStation Now. 

Sony had too many games to announce at Gamescom, so it appears you can expect more announcements at TGS (Tokyo Game Show). [More…]

South Africa

The MSSA Western Cape Provincial Championships have been confirmed for 23 and 24 August. The open championships will be hosted by (and at) Fairmont High School in Durbanville. On Saturday, StarCraft II, Call of Duty Ghosts, League of Legends, Tekken Tag Tournament II and Hearthstone will be run. Sunday sees FIFA 14, OSU, Counter-Strike and Dota feature. Registrations for the Championships close on 21 August. If you require additional information, send us an email to and we’ll forward all the details to you.

Screenshots & Concept Art


Here you go, have 11 minutes of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt shows off nearly six minutes of gameplay. 24 February 2015 and you can get your own time with the game.

Gameplay footage from Life is Strange.

SNOW – an “open world winter sports game” – is coming to the PS4. When is not known, but expect plenty of snow when it does arrive. [More…]

A new trailer for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita bound free-to-play action strategy game Guns Up!

Defiance is now available as a free-to-play title on the PS3 with the Xbox 360 version to follow “soon”.

Create. And share. It’s LittleBigPlanet 3.

Pinball FX2 is now (finally) available for the Xbox One. You can import your Xbox 360 purchases into the game – for details on how to do so, head here.

Hahaha. It’s Surgeon Simulator. We shouldn’t really laugh at things like this but human organs are funny. Tasty, but funny. [More…]

Risen 3: Titan Lords launch trailer.

The next expansion to World of WarCraft – Warlords of Draenor – will be out on 13 November 2014. Have a CGI trailer to celebrate. [More…]

…or if you prefer, here’s some gameplay from the World of WarCraft expansion.

Crytek’s MOBA Arena of Fate allows competing teams just 20 minutes to grab a result by reaching ten points, otherwise the win is handed to the side that’s closest after 20 minutes. Applications for the beta are now open.

Disney Infinity 2.0 ‘Toy Box’ features walkthrough.

You like wrestling? You like cards? Then WWE SuperCard for Android and iOS will be for you. It’s free-to-play. Oh, so now you like both…

This is Ghirahim in action in Hyrule Warriors.

A new Sonic Boom trailer. Some screenshots can be seen here.

Minecraft on the PS Vita launch trailer.

Highlights from Sony’s PlayStation Gamescom developer panel.

An absolutely stunning CGI trailer for Titanfall: Free the Frontier.