News Wrap 05Good morning. It’s Friday. The only day of the week that matters. The rest are just speed bumps in the road to the weekend. And an excuse to read the Gaming News Wrap every day rather than do work. It’s because we care.


Naughty Dog is targeting 60fps to go along with the 1080p for the PS4 version of The Last of Us.

Another game attempting to achieve targets is Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft are aiming at 1080p on the PS4. [More on CVG]

No DLC party characters will be coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition as “part of them has to be shipped on the disc.” BioWare says it wants to avoid the “criticism that [they’re] forcing people to pay for content they already own.” [More on OXM]

A new Titanfall patch is out and brings private matches – which may see the game grow in the eSports sector – along with some other balances and changes. The full patch notes are available here.

‘Devastation’ will be hitting PlayStation and PC versions of Call of Duty Ghosts from 8 May.

Details of Fortnite have made it onto the internet thanks to the Game Informer article. Details on the character classes, base building, free-to-play and more can be found in this neat list compiled by CVG.

DriveClub will “absolutely” be free of microtransactions. That’s according to Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky in reply to a fan’s query on Twitter.

The original Tom Clancy game company, Red Storm, is helping with weapon design on The Division. [More on Ubisoft’s Blog]

The next game from Bastion developer Supergiant Games, Transistor, has been dated for release. The game will be available from 20 May on PS4 and PC and will cost $19.99 / €18.99 / £14.99 via digital download. [More on official website]

Patch 2.0.4 has been released for Diablo 3 in the Americas with Europe and Asia to follow. The patch addresses bug fixes and updates to features including classes, crafting, items, monsters, quests and the UI. [More on]

The latest update for Star Wars The Old Republic has launched. Update 2.7 starts a new story arc called ‘Forged Alliance’ as well as a number of other elements. [More on SWTOR Blog]

The ‘Whistleblower’ DLC for Outlast will launch 6 May in the US and 7 May in Europe and Australia.

Update 15 for Minecraft on the Xbox 360, and fixes blocks and stuff. Full patch list here.

The Arma 3 ‘Zeus’ DLC is now available via Steam and allows a player to manipulate a multiplayer session in realtime, as the ‘Game Master’.

You can get into phase one of the Elite: Dangerous ‘Premium Beta’ for just £100.00… With £1.5 million raised on Kickstarter, you’d think they’d be giving it away for free.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is only hit around one third of its Indiegogo target of $450,000 with the campaign at around midpoint. It’s not looking good for the game. [More on Eurogamer]

Hitman GO – the turn-based mobile addition to the series – will be available for iOS devices from 17 April, with the Android versions planned to release “shortly after”. The game will cost $4.99/£2.99/€4.49. [More on official website]


The Oculus Rift will need to sell at least five million units before free-to-play World of Tanks will show any interest. Victor Kislyi, chief executive at Wargaming, told CVG: “For free-to-play, five to ten million is a good user-base. So if Xbox One or Oculus reach those numbers, we’re there.”


PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son has sold one million units in just nine days.

Firaxis will reveal its new AAA title at PAX East on Saturday. [More on 2K Blog]

E.T. Atari will be unearthed from 26 April. The excavation of the landfill site is open to the public from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. Xbox will be on hand to film the event for an upcoming documentary. [More on Xbox Wire]

A research report has found that World of Tanks generates more monthly average revenue per user than any other major MMO. It brings ina average of $4.51, while second place Team Fortress 2 $4.36 with third place Guild Wars 2 coming in at $3.88.


This is Watch_Dogs on a PC.

Trials Frontier is now available for mobile devices.

The Wii U version of Lego The Hobbit has been delayed by a week in the US, and will now be available on 22 April. But here’s a launch trailer anyway.

Gameplay footage from Cult County. The game’s Kickstarter campaign is struggling a little however.

Below is coming to Steam and Xbox One. No dates yet, but a new trailer has been released.

Hack ‘n’ Slash is “just weeks away” from launching on Steam Early Access. Have the launch trailer so long.

Big stadium. Big screen. Clueless gamer. Conan O’Brien plays games badly again.

Realistic Mario

The Guardian gives eSports some love with their ‘Call of Duty and the explosive rise of pro-gaming’ video.