We regularly get asked how one can become involved with the local gaming ‘industry’ and we regularly warn that you need to be prepared to sweat blood. Now, while that may frighten off the exact people we’re trying to appeal to, if you’ve made it this far, you are exactly the brave soul we want to assist us at this year’s Electronics & Gaming Expo.

We are looking for a few volunteers to assist with the activities operated by ourselves and human friends at ACGL and TGN Racing Simulators.

As we pointed out in the lead up to EGE 2016: “There’s just not enough of us to keep things ticking over, and this year, we will be looking for volunteers willing to shed blood, sweat tears and generally work their fingers to the bone. Well, we’d rather not sugarcoat it. It’s a long day of watching other people play games.” That certainly seems as relevant in 2017 as it did a year ago, so we ask again that if you see yourself fitting these criteria, you consider joining a long line of awesome folk who have been part of making the events we are involved in successful.

From the Thursday (27 July 2017) build-up we will be needing some help as these things don’t set themselves up without a fair amount of hands. During the expo itself (28 to 30 July), we need assistance with score taking, ‘technical’ support (knowing your left trigger from the right is a good start) and general help to make the activities in Hall 1 a success.

So what is in this for you? For your efforts we will have your access to the event sorted, a food voucher, and the guarantee that when the apocalypse arrives, you will have a 15 minute early warning. Also, you may get noticed and feel pretty good after it all. And there’s a t-shirt. If we all play nicely, there may be some more, but we’d rather not promise you a winning lotto ticket and not deliver.

We will allocate you as best we can to your field of expertise, or wherever we need the help, so if you have some level of competitive or tournament administration experience, we will dump you with the grand responsibility of some score taking and general refereeing, but for those not meeting that requirement, looking mean will secure you security work, and being helpful to boot (or only) will secure you more general assistance responsibilities. Basically, we’d just be happy to have you help.

We won’t lie, it’s going to be a long day (or days if you’re particularly brave), and you may discover a few of us can be grumpy people or zombies (especially on day three), but if we weren’t clear about it elsewhere, we will all be eternally indebted to you for helping us make the event happen.

Please note: that if you are taking part in a tournament, your assistance will not be allowed on the day of your tournament game, because it’s just not right. You will also need to be 18 or older.

The Details
  • Dates and Times:
    Thursday 27 July 2017: Anytime will be great
    Friday 28 July 2017: 10am until 6pm
    Saturday 29 July 2017: 10am until 6pm
    Sunday 30 July 2017: 10am until 4pm
    Please note that we would like you to be on-site at 9am for a quick brief and to assist with any fine-tuning for the day. You may however not need to stay until doors close, but times are worse-case scenario. We will also try to ensure you get some time away from ‘work’ to wonder around on a break.
  • Where: Cape Town International Convention Centre, Hall 1 and 2, Cape Town
  • What: Volunteer for EGE

Thank you for offering (or even considering to offer) your time to assist with our endeavor. We will reply to your contact as soon as possible. We may however not be able to accept everyone as there is a limit to the number of hands needed.

Our deepest and sincerest thanks again.


Thank you to everyone that applied – your support is greatly appreciated.

If you accidentally stumbled across this and wanted to compete rather, the various registration pages can be found here:

You can find out more about EGE here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

If you do feel compelled to make contact with us, we will do our best to answer you. Please be patient as there’s only so many hours in a day and we are also losing our workable limbs…