Undead Ed chews the fat with… eVo [SA Gaming Clan]

Undead Ed was hoping for this week off due to the short week and the Easter Weekend [stay safe and have a great one all], but we had a surprise for him.  Hey, it’s not slavery when the slave is undead you know…  And if you’re reading this right now Ed – you’re not getting next week off either.

This week, eVo were the (un)lucky clan to be glared at by a mumbling fool with no concept of social etiquette.  Once Robert Mugabe had left the room, Undead Ed entered and screaming!  death!  mayhem! followed.  Why all that is actually necessary just to get some bloody answers to questions is beyond us and is something we’ve hoped to wean out of him.  Progress is being made we hope, but evolution takes time you know.

Anyway, eVo as a clan have gone through a similar evolution since forming as NWNS a few years back.  They are now a clan of 17 members over two teams and have recently gone through a leadership change but are still ready to battle.  Tell us the story Gandalf04…

So, how long has eVo been around for? 

eVo has been around since 2008, it was started by another wizard Gandalf81 (no relation) as NWNS (Noobs will never surrender) under the basic philosophy that u need to be a cool oke to join, skill level wasn’t a particular requirement. NWNS’s first ever tournament they finished second last however since then we’ve eVoLVED to eVoLuTiON and since I joined in 2010 in the MW2 era we have been consistently in every final of every major tournament held by the community barring 2 tournaments (clan connection and the last ever mw2 tournament) we’ve also won 2 in the process UGB and just last night eVoK won the Telkom DGL. Apart from F34r we’re one of the oldest and most stable clans in the community and aim to be so for a long time to come.

How many members were you at the beginning?

There were just a handful of guys at the beginning most of them are off the gaming scene however some are still in the community guys like Rudimental, Naza Theevo, Swarley, Regan, Azure and Defqon.

And now – how many members are in the clan?  Feel like listing them?  Or maybe just the important ones…?  

We have two teams eVo Legends and eVo Killers each member is just as important to our success as the other! The teams have 9 and 8 members respectively! I would like to give a special shout out to 3 particular guys though, First is Tom Northcott a.k.a ZUMA, although he’s moved to the U.K now he’s still in touch with us regularly and it was when he joined us it gave us the impetece to win our first tournament, his legendary comments in games and ability to ease the pressure on his team mates whenever he was around just gave us the edge in the UGB tournament! Second is Calden Bartlett when I first met him he was leading a black ops clan 13k and I saw a lot of the qualities and will to win in him and I just knew I had to do something to get him on board, I tried to recruit him and being the loyal dedicated guy he is he didn’t want to leave his clan behind so 13k become eVoK in mw3 and my gut instinct proved right as they’ve just won the Telkom DGL! Then theres Kamil D who is more like a brother to me than a clan member! He’s the new leader and I KNOW for a fact under his leadership we are going to get way stronger than we’ve ever been before! Will elaborate more on this below….

You’ve just gone through a restructuring of the clan leadership – what’s the story?

Its an interesting word that leadership, leadership goes far and beyond calling a person captain or not. Just because a professional sportsman has a letter C on his shirt does that make him or her more of a leader than another team mate busting 150% for the team? Simple answer no, Leadership is a culture that needs to be developed. Im proud to say we’ve got lots of leaders within our clan each with a common united vision so take our team in the same direction! I was fortunate to join eVo in Jan of 2010 when I was invited by Swarley, the team went through a massive period of turmoil around mid 2010 losing some of our best players and somebody needed to step up and stabilise the ship or risk seeing the clan collapse. Enter myself I went on a big recruitment drive and brought together a lot of guys who had the raw materials necessary to succeed who wanted to be apart of the project. I was endeavouring in creating a strong clan filled with really awesome guys! We’ve never looked back since then and due to life circumstances forcing my gaming time to be slightly more limited these days I’ve decided to pass on the reigns to Kamil D! Under his leadership im SURE eVo will continue to grow and prosper and be one of the great names in the ps3 community that it was always destined to be! With Calden Bartlett in eVoK as well it ensures that both teams have a bright future with two extremely strong teams that can help each other grow and reach the next level in competitive gaming!

Have you always been a PS3 clan?  Not tempted to switch over to the Wii… ?

Always Ps3, I did buy an xbox for a few months to see how it was but I have to say the ps3 community is the most awesome so nope not tempted to switch over.

Was there a specific game that brought the clan together?

MW2!!!! And for the Killers guys Black ops brought them together

What’s the current clan game of choice and what do you guys play to change the pace?

MW3 with Fifa being the next most popular game. S&D is our game mode of choice with the odd headquarters or domination game helping change the pace!

How often do you play together as a clan?

We try and play one clan match a week generally on Thursday nights however most night we are online playing casual public lobbies. 

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “the shits and giggles”?

Depending on the match, I think every clan is competitive by nature nobody likes to lose, we approach matches differently though, for friendly games we tend to mess about a lot just have fun which is great its not so much about results but what we can learn from the game! When it comes to tournaments that’s when we put our game face on and play our best games!

Have you taken part in and won any tournaments you feel like bragging about?

Hells yes!!!! I think the turning point for us came at the UGB tournament, up until that point F34r were dominating the community winning everything in sight even though we were second we were along way behind them at the time but we played the game of our lives to knock out their strongest 4players in the semi final stage! Every game in that tournament could have been a final, our first game we played LOST/RAM and knocked them out then in the final against D!ce there were two moments on absolute magic that sealed the victory for us! The first was Relenquished (now with f34r as Jasown) doing a double knife in the game winning kill cam and the second was Zuma blind firing to take out Thrillseeker through a window in highrise, that match will forever be the greatest clanny I have had the priveledge to be in! It can be viewed on youtube under my MrGandalf04 username.

Then just last night eVoK lead by the amazing Calden Bartlett did the impossible by beating F34r twice in one night to double eliminate them and take the Telkom DGL 2012 crown for Ps3! I knew when I recruited these guys that they were something special and they’ve proved me right! They are unbelievably good in defence the best I’ve ever seen and we’ve helped them work a bit on offence which has really made them the kings of S&D! (Speak to Calden about an interview)

There were also a few lan tournaments where our individual guys finished off strongly Kamil D has won 2 Maingaming tournaments and J From the South was runner up by 1kill in another Maingaming Free for all tournament.

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  How do you decide on who is right to join you?

We recruit at certain stages when we feel its necessary thankful to say our guys are quite happy and we’ve got a brilliant bunch of guys that gel together personality wise as well meaning we are one of the few clans that are free from politics we just play and have fun as its meant to be!

Any plans for world domination in the future or are you maybe planning something on a slightly smaller scale?

Nah not really, when our guys play together and laugh and have fun that’s when u know you are doing stuff right!

Boring, getting to know you stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…


When  the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens,  your clan finds itself trapped in an undefendable building with no escape route.  However, if you sacrifice a member to distract the undead, you can slip away… Do you and who is the unlucky chap (or lass)?  

eVo_Bren he knows the reasons why  🙂

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add before going back to saving the (virtual) world?

I’d just like to give some advice to new clans from somebody whose been around a while, people will come people will go but the clan will always be the most important thing! Have a philosophy and remember it, pick a bunch of guys that u get on with and everything will be fine! Be humble in victory and defeat! Keep eVoLViNG!

eVo can be watched via MrGandalf04’s Youtube Channel and you can find both eVo teams on Facebook – but they are closed groups – eVo Legends and eVo Killers.

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