New SA Energy Drink Company looking to sponsor Gaming Clans

It’s Friday, and as is slowly becoming tradition, Friday is clan day around here.  Usually it’s a clan profile, but this week, Undead Ed landed up consuming a few too many energy drinks and last we heard he was heading to the top of Everest.  It’s a good thing he had an ozone level energy drink then…

In recent times, there’s been a renewed drive by a variety of community members, role-players and businesses to get the South African competitive gaming sector out from its hiding place and into the big international scene.  PC gaming has always been much closer to achieving that status than console gaming, but with the number of tournaments and LANs increasing across all platforms, the time of professional gaming in South Africa must be drawing near.  Yes, maybe one of these days you really could play games to make a living.  Or at the very least make enough to buy something to drink along with that loaf of bread.

There is a new company keen to be part of that exciting growth and who plan to do so by offering some South African clans a sponsorship deal.

Ozone Energy Drink South Africa.  So new to South Africa we’re almost able to help take the wrapping off – but already internationally established since 2006.

Ozone Africa officially launches this coming Monday and according Wickus Nel from the company, the energy drink has been proven in the international market with its “traditional taste with a smoother aftertaste” and “significantly cheaper cost”.

Along with sponsoring more traditional events, Ozone Africa is keen to extend sponsorship to some of the gaming clans of South Africa.  Sponsorship will start with clan and product branded clothing along with product itself.  This may grow in the future as relationships develop.

Of course, you may be wondering how you can get in on this.  For now, it’s simple.  If you are a clan in South Africa, drop us a line at and we will profile your clan.  Each clan will be considered and the clans that merit sponsorship will be approached by Ozone Africa.  Each of our clan profiles will now be ‘Powered by Ozone Energy Drink South Africa’ and there will be random prizes given to the participating clans and some of the people commenting on the profile.  So get to it.

Finally, Ozone is currently running a competition on their Facebook Page.  You can also check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

Normal programming – if anything is ever normal around here – will resume next week with upcoming clan profiles lined up including Xbox 360 clan Ground Zero and PS3 clans eVo and Nine Inch Ninjas.  On Wednesday, be sure to check in, as we will be starting a similar feature focusing on individual South African gamers, along with community members, industry folk and others who just want to be part of the South African gaming scene and we will kick that off with PS3 Fighting Tournament organisers Cape Town Showdown.