The 15th edition of rAge has come and gone and it all went down a treat generally. If you missed out then hopefully this compendium of coverage proves useful to you. We will be continuously updating the post with rAge related reports, videos and content, so feel free to keep checking back.

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Via Energy eSports Facebook page


The weekend saw a number of major events conclude with well over R2,5 million handed out in prize money. The ESL African Championships for CS: GO and Hearthstone concluded, while VS Gaming hosted the CS: GO Masters and the DGC. In what could be considered a changing of the guard, it was the year of Energy eSports who secured victories against their big rivals Bravado Gaming. It all promises an even more entertaining 2018 esports season.

The results from the various events are as follows:

ESL Africa CS: GO Champs

  • 1st: Energy eSports
  • 2nd: Bravado Gaming

ESL Africa CS: GO Champs

  • 1st: Sythe
  • 2nd: Menlyn
Via VS Gaming Facebook page

VS Gaming CS: GO Masters

  • 1st: Damage Control [R220,000]
  • 2nd: Veneration E-Sports [R99,000]

VS Gaming DGC

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4)

  • 1st: Energy eSports [R12,647.06]
  • 2nd: Bravado Gaming [R6,323.53]


  • 1st: OK.blaze [R15,808.82]
  • 2nd: BzK-Kingz [R7,904.41]

Dota 2

  • 1st: Reversal [R15,808.82]
  • 2nd: Aperture Gaming [R7,904.41]

League of Legends

  • 1st: VxP | GooN Squad [R15,808.82]
  • 2nd: RYL. Royalty – LOL [R7,904.41]


  • 1st: Energy eSports [R18,970.59]
  • 2nd: Pulse Gaming [R9,485.29]

Rocket League

  • 1st: OK – dangerkids [R9,485.29]
  • 2nd: Team Name [R4,742.65]

Battlefield 4

  • 1st: PLT.Evolve [R15,808.82]
  • 2nd: eLement-saLt [R7,904.41]


  • 1st: Gas [R3161.76]
  • 2nd: Fafa [R1580.88]

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Bravado Gaming at the 2017 rAge-Expo
by Bravado Gaming

Early Axes at RAGE Expo 2017 – Day 1
by Early Axes

Early Axes at RAGE Expo 2017 – Day 2
by Early Axes

Early Axes at RAGE Expo 2017 – Day 3
by Early Axes

rAge 2017
by Fortress of Solitude


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