Please note that this sponsorship is no longer available due to Ozone no longer being available locally.


Ozone Energy Drink South Africa made a little announcement a few weeks back about their intention to sponsor South African Gaming Clans – on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.  The interest from clans that sparked has been frankly overwhelming – as proved by our now regular weekly clan profile feature.

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of discussion on how Ozone can bring the promise of clan sponsorship to as many worthy clans as possible.  It would’ve been easy for the “best” clan on each platform to be given a sponsorship deal, but to emphasise their desire to be a constant supporter of South African gaming, Ozone has agreed to offer a tier system for all prospective clans.

The entry level tier will offer cross-branding on clothing and some of the product to keep you playing long past your bedtime.  Once your clan is in, the only way is up – and up has some amazing benefits for the clans that prove their ultimate worth.  What is on offer at the top will make your eyes water and is frankly unprecedented in South African gaming.

To get to the top you will however need to show a willingness to promote Ozone and grow the South African gaming industry generally – both locally and internationally.  To be fair, only the very best candidates will make it to the top tier, but that will be up to you as a clan.  But enough of my boring padding, this is what you really want to know…


Entry Level Sponsorship.

  • Branded (clan and Ozone) clothing – T-shirts and caps – and supply of Ozone Energy Drink.
  • Clothing restricted to maximum 15 items.


  • Includes all lower tier items.
  • Can request costs covered for LAN entry fees.
  • Copies of clan game.  Restricted to six per clan.


  • Includes all lower tier items.
  • Can request costs covered for local transport.
  • Branded (clan and Ozone) hardware:
  • Console:  Controller and headset.  Restricted to six per clan.
  • PC:  Mouse and headset.  Restricted to six per clan.
  • VIP Invites to Ozone Events


Full Sponsorship.

  • Includes all lower tier items.
  • Can request costs covered for accommodation, flights, etc.
  • Branded (clan and Ozone) hardware:
  • Console:  Bag, Console and Cables. Restricted to six per clan.
  • PC:  Bag, PC and Cables.  Restricted to six per clan.
  • Ozone Limited Edition Fridge

Over time, this will be fine-tuned with new features and rewards being offered – sponsored clan servers are part of future planning and are likely to be coming sooner rather than later.

Now you’re all wondering how you can get a piece of the action… Well, we need to help Ozone know about you, so we’ll help by doing a profile on your clan.  Your clan will also need to have a good footprint in the virtual and real world and meet some basic requirements that are not all, but some of the following:

  • Official Clan Website with advertising space.
  • Clan Facebook Page.
  • Clan Twitter account.
  • Youtube channel.  Videos can feature Ozone product and logos.
  • Regular participation in LANs, tournaments and social activities.

You’ll need to show Ozone some love.  Mentions and images of the sponsor are all encouraged.  Wear an Ozone t-shirt, mention them when pwning, hang a banner and show off your branded goods.

The final decisions for sponsorship will be made by Ozone Energy Drink SA and we are there as facilitators, so drop us an email at info@zombiegamer.co.za and we will help you get things rolling.

We can reveal that the first three clans will be named (after they’ve been informed) in the coming few weeks – and that they will represent each of the three platforms.  We are also going to reveal the basics of Event sponsorship over the coming weeks, so there is still plenty to come from the Ozone camp.  Keep watching and get involved.

Find Ozone on Facebook, Twitter and their Website.  Support them and they are sure to support you and the SA gaming scene.

Please note, that the first of the Ozone retail product is due to start arriving in South Africa during May.