Breakfast Wrap 01Another weekend has gone zipping by.  We only stopped to smell the braaaaaiiiiiinnnnssss and now it’s Monday again.  Oh well, another week of exciting gaming news is then in store for all.

Sony is working on how to solve long download times for 4K resolution movies on the PS4.  According to an article on The Verge the size of super-hi-def movies could be upwards of 100GB, but Sony will look at background downloads to help remedy this, have some “very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience”.

Sony will be hosting a PS4 presentation at GDC for developers this month (25 to 29 March in San Francisco).  The talk is the ‘Overview of PS4 for Developers’, and “will discuss the technology from a development standpoint as well as from the design side”.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has aid he is more excited by the PS4’s social aspects than the increased hardware power.  He says he wants to “bring the Metal Gear franchise into that new wider world of interaction.”  Sounds like a plan my good man.  [via IGN]

Almost on flipside of the social scheme of things, reserach by the NPD shows that currently 29% of core gamers plan to buy a next-gen console at launch.  The survey was based on the responses of 887 US respondents aged nine and above who currently play games for five or more hours per week on Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Mac.  How nine year olds can be so sure their parents will by the console at launch is anyone’s guess.  [via Game Zone]

SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan has a bit to say about both of Sony’s current generation and next generation consoles.  He is keen to point out that the PS3 still has some “highly significant” games coming, while you can expect PS Plus to play a “prominent role” in the PS4 landscape.

The Witcher 3 will have no QTEs, a 50 hour quest, a slo-mo ability to target individual body parts, a more agile Geralt and no XP for killing, but for quests only.  There’s plenty more, but we’ll send you over to Eurogamer to get it all.

Sources have told Kotaku that Star Wars 1313 has undergone “some tumultuous turns” since LucasFilm was acquired by Disney last year, with the game’s future unclear.  The suggestions are that the game has been “frozen”…  Well, we all saw how that worked out for Han Solo…

Other Kotaku sources are reporting that Jason West has left Respawn Entertainment.  The ex-Infinity Ward man and co-creator of the Call of Duty series is said to have departed with the 2010 formed studio “amicably”.

Mass Effect 3‘s final singleplayer DLC entitled ‘Citadel’ arrives from 5 March, but if you feel like spoiling it a little, the Achievment/Trophy list has been leaked.  Head over to NeoGAF if you really need to see what’s up for grabs.  The DLC will cost you $14.99 on PS3 and PC or 1200MS Points on Xbox 360.

A few other Achievement lists have made an appearance, so if you’re keen to see what you will need to do to boost your Gamerscore, check out the following links, and get ready to go a whoring… Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, DmC: Vergil’s Downfall, Star Trek and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Apparently, the “notion of single-player experience has to go away” – sorry for you Mass Effect – that’s according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.  He continued in his interview with IGN: “However, I’m not saying that there will be no single-player experiences … it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player instead… Online and social can reignite single-player in a new type of context and provide benefits that will make you want to be a part of a connected story-mode rather than a disconnected story-mode… Sure, if the technology forces you to play a traditional single-player game online, that doesn’t make sense but if it’s offering actual benefits to be online then you want to be part of it.”

A new Battlefield 3 video showing off the four maps and two new modes coming with the ‘End Game’ DLC.

A launch trailer for what smacks a little like a Call of Duty cash-in moment… Nazi Zombie Army which is the standalone spin-off for Sniper Elite V2 and is now out on Steam.

A pair of new Injustice: Gods Among Us battle arena videos featuring Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl and Sinestro.

You love free stuff right?  Well, if you’re an Xbox Live ‘Free’ member, you can get a taste of Gold membership next weekend.  A series of multiplayer events are being planned for games too (Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, FIFA Ultimate Team, Forza Horizon, Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3).  The free weekend will run from 12.00 GMT on Friday 8 March until 23:59 GMT on Sunday 10 March.