Gunnar_LogoLet’s be fair. There’s no easy way to review a pair of glasses usually. The right pair will make you look more intelligent than you deserve. The wrong pair will make you look… foolish really. However, Gunnar Eyewear is no mere fashion accessory (although I was told by many how fetching and intelligent I looked wearing them), so the real question is whether they do what they claim to do.

And it was all yellow…

The technology behind a pair of Gunnars aims to help “minimize eye fatigue and visual stress while improving contrast, comfort, and focus for anyone who spends long hours viewing digital screens.”

The pair sent to us for review is from the Computer Eyewear range, which is aimed a little more at users constantly working in front of their computer screens, tablets and more work related activities. For the last few months I’ve had a pair of the Gaming Eyewear (‘MLG’) range too, and I found it tough to differentiate between the two.

They both do the same thing really, with the Sheadog looking a little more elegant in the aesthetics department. Wearing them certainly bumps up your perceived intelligence level. However, in use I was very impressed. While wearing the Gunnars certainly adds a warm yellow hue to your surroundings, it takes a few minutes to get used to the slight “fishbowl” effect, but once acclimatised, you will reap the benefits.


Having spent a fair amount of my formative years wearing prescription glasses, I decided to ditch them a few years back (mostly because I am a cheap bastard) and force myself to strengthen my eyes with the simple method of continued abuse in front of a PC screen, all day, every day. Eye fatigue was the major downside of this tough love approach, and that’s where the Gunnars proved true to their word.

Over the test period with the glasses, I did notice reduced fatigue. In fact it worked so well, some of the rings around my eyes disappeared and shaved years off how old I looked. Sort of. Not really. But the truth of the matter is that they didn’t really improve my gaming skills, but greatly improved the length of time I could spend practicing and – in the case of the Sheadog – working sans the dry eyes and irritation. And I think I looked good doing so too.

In terms of build quality, first impressions are that the glasses feel a little lightweight and flimsy, but based on the extended use I’ve had with the pair of MLG glasses, those first impressions are unfounded, as they have proved durable, and due to the lightweight never feel uncomfortable or heavy on the head over an extended period of use.


If you do spend prolonged periods of time in front of a screen then you really should consider investing in a pair of Gunnar Eyewear, as they will be a healthy return on said investment.

At the time of writing, prescription versions may well have been made available, so we’d suggest dropping the local distributor an email enquiry should you require them.

The Sheadog retails locally for around R530, and you can find other Gunnars at the price range too if you’re looking for a different style.