About Our Reviews and Ratings

This site is mainly about games.  It is written by gamers with gamers in mind.  Our review policy is simple – say what you feel.  Just as you would when playing the game for fun.  Did you enjoy it?  Are you glad you bought it?  Was it a waste of money?  Hopefully, our feelings, comments and advice will help you to decide on whether or not you want to part with your well earned money.

We loathe the idea of a total numerical or scientific rating system only.  We have ridiculed it as an arbitrary way of assigning quality.  We have all shouted and disagreed on the scores given to our favourite.  I mean why give it 94 when 95 is sooo much nearer to its real score…We thought about an A, B, C scoring system, but really, most of us hated that at school.  We discussed the possibility of a two thumbs up, two thumbs down rating system.  But after a zombie attacks, what’s the first limb you tend to lose?  Yep.  Thumbs.

Eventually, a moment of clarity was attained.  Zombie films.  Of course.  There are classic ones and there are trite ones.  Subjective at times, but we were running short of ideas.  So after tearing at each other in an attempt establish dominance as the Alpha zombie, a relatively democratic vote decided on the primary rating system you see used (for now) on the Reviews.  As we have admitted, we are gamers – not journalists, and so we want to mainly review games and give it the general thumbs up or not on our zombie film scale.

We have however introduced a numerical rating too, for the bits and bolts that make up the game. So if it is flawed we feel it is only right to detract a numerical score, but our main rating is for the overall experience… a game can be far from perfect, but perfectly good fun. So the numbers cover the science and the film ratings cover the smug smile it puts on our face.



About the Author

Wannabe gaming journalist. Wannabe zombie. And sometimes clan leader of OAP. Clint O'Shea when in his human disguise.