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We have decided to offer a double leg to this tournament, brought about by input received and other logistics. The tournament will feature both Xbox One and PS4. Players will play on their preferred platform until the top two on each platform has been decided. Then the prizes will be battled for in a home and away style fight across both platforms.


We can confirm that the first prize for the tournament will be a PS4 sponsored by PlayStation SA.

First Place: PlayStation 4
Second Place: PS4 Stereo Wireless Headset
Third Place: inFamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch, Cape Town has added to the prizes for this tournament. For the tournament winner they will sponsor a 3-hour time voucher for use at their venue, and second place will each get a 2-hour time voucher.


We’ve opened registrations for all our team based tournaments and now it’s time for the solo artists to get their chance.

Mortal Kombat X will be a one day event (on Saturday 30 May), and will be open to anyone attending the expo – as long as you are one of the 128 spots available. Please note that this is a pre-registration only. To secure your spot, you will still need to have signed in by 10:45am on tournament day.

The Details
  • Dates:
    Saturday 30 May 2015: Knockout. Single Elimination best of three fights.
  • Times:
    Registration: 10am to 10:45am
    Matches: From 11am until finish
  • Where: Cape Town International Convention Centre, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town. Hall 3 and 4A.
  • What: Mortal Kombat X on PS4 and Xbox One. (Please note that this might be subject to change)
  • Cost:
    • Standard Daily (or Weekend) Pass to the expo. Tickets via Computicket from Monday 11 May.
  • Prizes: Products. Details to be confirmed.
Please note:
  • All equipment will be supplied, however you can bring your arcade stick with if you prefer.
  • No players under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate in this tournament.
  • Pre-registrations will close when we hit the maximum of 128. Should we not reach the cap before the event, players arriving unregistered will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Should the registration form be out of service for any reason, please email with the subject line: ‘CTICC Mortal Kombat X Registration’ and your name and email address. Thanks.

Please note: We will be opening registrations per tournament at a rate of one a day this week.

Ruleset based on a modified version of the Mortal Kombat Cup ruleset.

Character Rules
Only the standard edition characters that come with the game will be available to compete with, the following characters will be excluded; Shinnok, Goro, Jason Voorhees, Predator, Tanya, Tremor or any other unlock or DLC characters. All the variations of the characters available are available in the standard version of the game and the skins/costume of the character does not change the variations.

Each match will begin by one player picking a character and a character variation.
The first player to pick will be decided randomly using an appropriate method by the Tournament organizer.
After the first player has picked and the second player has begun character and variation pick, the first player may not change selection.
Subsequently, the winner of the previous game in a match will pick first.
Any map may be selected by each player. If each player picks different maps, the game will choose a map at random automatically.
After each game in a match, the players must return to character select.

Games and Matches
Each game consists of best of 3 in-game rounds, on versus mode. On average a game will last for 3 minutes.
Each match consists of 3 games, with the first player winning 2 games being declared the winner.

Arcade stick controllers can be used in the tournament, the player must provide their own as the tournament host will not provide them. These controllers must be compatible with the PS4 and require no extra software. To use the your arcade stick controller it will need to be tested before the tournament starts by the head judge. If (s)he is happy with the controller then it may be used in the tournament. The head judge does reserve the right to test the controller at any point in the tournament and if there is any foul play via programming (to cause more than the expected action in the game per key), turbo or anything else manually done to the controller to give the player an unfair advantage then they will be disqualified from the whole tournament.
With the exception of the arcade stick controller no player owned controllers maybe be used other than the ones provided by the tournament host. These will be standard PS4 controllers. If you are unhappy with the current controller give to you, you can ask for one of the spare controllers. You may only swap the controller at the beginning of the round during the practice section, and not in the middle of the game.

Grounds for Disqualification
Insults during a match or at any stage in the Tournament may lead to disqualification.
The following severe incidents may also lead to disqualification: extremist statements, threats of violence, sexual harassment, stalking, severe insults and displaying pornographic or offensive material.
Excessive annoying or offensive contributions within the Tournament can lead to your disqualification.
All forms of cheating in the Tournament are forbidden and may lead to disqualification.


Zombiegamer operates a ‘fair play’ policy. No cheating, abusive language (or abusive actions to anyone at all) and activity deemed unacceptable to an enjoyable, but competitive tournament, will be tolerated. The Admin or Referees decision is final. Anyone who acts in a way not deemed in good spirit or clearly breaking policies will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. The player identification holders and lanyards are the property of Zombiegamer and are to be returned at the end of player participation in the event. Additional terms and conditions will be made available on By signing this you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Please note that we will no longer delay the start of events indefinitely. Should you not arrive on time and have not pre-registered, you can not participate. Should you pre-register and arrive late for your scheduled match (attempts to accommodate will be made) your opponent will be issued with a default win. Should that be in the loser’s bracket, you will be eliminated.

  • Please note that bringing food and drink purchased off-site is forbidden unless cleared with venue management.
  • Rules, Gamertags and other items relevant to the match setup not to be changed.
  • Controller settings can be changed.
  • Custom classes can be changed.
  • Own headsets and controllers may be used.
  • Setup times for controllers, headsets, etc. will be restricted to five minutes only.
  • No cheating, abusive language (or abusive actions to anyone at all) and activity deemed unacceptable to an enjoyable, but competitive tournament, will be tolerated.
  • The Admin or Referees decision is final.
  • Anyone who acts in a way not deemed in good spirit or clearly breaking policies will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  • The player identification holders and lanyards are the property of Zombiegamer and are to be returned at the end of player participation in the event.
  1. Junayd Bradlow
  2. Siraj Walters
  3. Kim Petersen
  4. solomons92 Andrew Solomons
  5. VaaX84 Craig Vaax
  6. Darksider383 Ryan
  7. Houston Erasmus
  8. Garth Cairns
  9. Ismail Sasman
  10. Jedd Cairns
  11. Ashraf Barendse
  12. Ryan Williams
  13. Manase ‘HeiLong’ Zote
  14. Sameegh Jardine
  15. Khan euraima
  16. Gearé Botes
  17. ilitirit ilitirit
  18. Vorachart Sakkasemkrit
  19. ennohex
  20. yaaseen allie
  21. Randy Harley
  22. Riyaad Howa
  23. Willem van Dalen
  24. Basil Frank
  25. Asher King
  26. Lance Govender
  27. Cole Govender
  28. kendall bain
  29. Kervyn Cloete
  30. Marlon Rose
  31. Heinrich Husselmann
  32. Johan Van der Merwe
  33. Emil Munro
  34. Two Kotes
  35. Joshua-King Carstens
  36. Earl Williams
  37. byron van Der vendt
  38. Captain Swag Sunny Sahota
  40. Wesley Solomon
  41. joshua grosch
  42. Vanessa OftheDead
  43. TeraWyvenX Dean
  44. Gheon Steenkamp
  45. Apollo Keegan Apollis
  46. Nuri Nyx
  47. Solomon Ravell
  48. Neo Pete
  49. Francois Campbell
  50. Lopo Lorenzo Fransman
  51. Percy Hobongwana
  52. Sunny Sahota
  53. JP Cordier
  54. Carlo Visser
  55. Aidan Bailey
  56. Joshua-King Carstens
  57. Aadil Kerven
  58. Ighsaan Levy
  59. Zubair Essack
  60. Wazeer Isaacs
  61. Tauriq Hendricks
  62. Lelanie Groenewald
  63. TRVSL (TERRASOUL) kaelem
  64. Keenan Bartlett
  65. Wayne Bossenger

Please note: Schedule is subject to change.


1st Prize: + 3-hour Games On voucher
2nd Prize: + 1-hour Games On voucher

Games On Logo

Why so few PC competitive titles?

  • The cost of the infrastructure and lack of prize pool dictated this. We had to also consider the likelihood of players and teams willing to fly to Cape Town in the first year of the event.

Why no 72-hour casual LAN?

  • Cost of the infrastructure and restrictions by the venue meant allowing attendees to stay overnight was not possible. This will be looked at in future years.

Why must we ‘bring our own’?

  • Unfortunately, we are but zombies (and friends) on a limited budget. To make this happen we decided a bring your own event would ensure enough equipment to operate the various tournaments successfully.

What if not enough players/teams attend?

  • We will be placing a minimum and maximum number requirement for each event, and in the case where the number is less than expected, the tournament will continue, but the expo organisers (Impact Exhibitions) reserve the right to reduce the cash prize pool in those cases.

What if I am underage according to the game rating of the game I want to participate in?

  • We will require your legal guardian to sign a waiver form which can be supplied.

What are the show dates and times?

  • The expo itself will run from 10am to 8pm on Friday 29 May and Saturday 30 May. On Sunday 31 May it will be open 10am to 5pm. The competitive area will have specific times and schedules that will be detailed in the previous registration details.

*FAQ will be updated as more questions are asked… and answered.

If you do feel compelled to make contact with us, we will do our best to answer you. Please be patient as there’s only so many hours in a day and we are also losing our workable limbs…

The following fine people will be working together to make all this happen:

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