CoD Championship | SA Qualifiers Detailed

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Want your chance to compete for a prize pool of one million US dollars?  Thought it was all a dream and that South Africa would always be excluded?  Well, you already know your chance is here.  Now you really need to prove you want it.  And this is how you will need to go about it…

Be ready to play more Black Ops in one half day than you’ve ever done before, because from 3pm on Sunday 17 March you will be thrown into what might well be South Africa’s fiercest and most insane Black Ops 2 tournament ever.

Up for grabs for you and your four man team (no substitutions allowed) is an all expenses paid trip to LA to compete for the winners cheque at the Call of Duty Championship from 5 April to 7 April.  As a little bonus, the winning South African team on Sunday will receive an additional $1000 to use as spending money.

The players in the team have to be at least 18 years old on Sunday, and you will all need a valid passport, as well as time off to participate.  You will be responsible for obtaining your US visa and must be a resident of South Africa.

Sign ups are open to the SA qualifiers until [13:00 – Update] on Sunday, and as mentioned the games kick off from 3pm and will be run by Mweb Gamezone and a small army of admins, while being monitored by the CoD Championship organisers the ESL and Megarom.  Each round is expected to happen every 90 minutes, but we suggest all entrants be constantly at the ready in case time your opponent is available a little earlier.  The tournament will be a single elimination event, so bring your ‘A’ game from the start.

The rules and other information are now available via the ESL SA CoD website… or below.

South African console clans: your time is now, don’t miss out .  Get registered now.

NB: Please direct ALL questions via the MWEB Gamezone forums.

For more information you can also check out MWEB Gamezone’s article on this Sunday’s Qualifiers.


Sign up open until 17/03/13 13:00 (SAST)Cup starts at 17/03/13 15:00 (SAST)

! Important !

To be able to qualify for the World Championship you must meet these requirements:
  • Players are required to be 18 years, or older, at the time of qualification (17th of March 2013).
  • Teams are restricted to 4 Players per team, there are NO substitutions
  • Players who are in the final, need to submit a scanned copy of their passport prior to the final commencing. Failure to do this will result in the team being disqualified.
  • Players must have a valid passport with at least 6 months before expiry (Sep 2013)
  • Players must have at least 1 empty page in the passport.
  • Team members must agree to travel to Los Angeles to attend the Call of Duty: Championship on the 5-7 April 2013, including any travel time.
  • Players agree that they will assume responsibility for obtaining a US Visa, which is required for travel to the Call of Duty Championships. The costs of this visa will be borne by the player. Information for the US visa is here.
  • Players must be resident in South Africa to participate.

By entering a team, teams are agreeing to the following:
Call of Duty Championship Rules:

! FAQ !

Frequently asked questions and other helpful information for the cup:
When does the cup start and how long will each round take?You can signup until 13:00 SAST of the day of the cup, the cup starts at 15:00 SAST. Each round takes approximately 90 minutes, so the 2nd round starts around 16:30 SAST, 3rd around 18:00 SAST and so on. If you receive a default win in the first round, please stay ready so you can already start the 2nd round as soon as you get your net opponent.Where can I get help during the cup?If you are having issues during the cup, use the matchcomments to communicate with your opponent as well as our admin staff, or simply use the Webchat. You can also use theSupport System, but for quick responses during the cup we recommend using the matchcomments and the Webchat.

1. Call of Duty Championship Rules

BO5: HP – CTF – SND – HP – SND

General Settings
Scorestreaks: Allowed
Score Streak Delay: 15 Seconds
Team Change In-Game: Not Allowed
3rd Person Spectating: Not Allowed
Revenge Voice: No
Hardcore: Off
Dynamic Map Elements: Off
Friendly Fire: On
Game Recording: On

Capture the Flag
Win Condition: Total Flag Captures
Time Limit: 5 Minutes
Capture Limit: 10 Flags
Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
Round Limit: 2 Rounds
Enemy Carrier: Delayed
Auto Return Time: 30 Seconds
Pickup Time: Instant
Return Time: Instant
Note: You must play CTF overtime. Do NOT replay the map.

Search & Destroy
Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Switch Side: Every Round
Silent Plant: Yes

Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: 250 Points
Lifetime: 1 Minute
Capture Time: None
Activation Delay Time: None

2. Maps

  • CTF: Standoff, Express, Slums, Raid,
  • Hardpoint: Yemen, Express, Plaza, Raid, Slums, Standoff, Hijacked
  • SnD: Cargo, Express, Meltdown, Plaza, Raid, Slums, Standoff, Aftermath

3. Restrictions

Banned Weapons

  • SMAW
  • RPG

Banned Attachments

  • Launcher

Banned Perks

  • Ghost
  • Hardline

Banned Lethals

  • Bouncing Betty
  • C4
  • Claymore

Banned Tacticals

  • Shock Charge
  • Tactical Insertion

Banned Scorestreaks

  • UAV
  • Hunter Killer
  • Counter-UAV
  • Guardian
  • Care Package
  • Orbital VSAT

4. Wrong Settings – What to do?

If the host sets up the wrong settings or any of the players uses banned things, the map has to be replayed.

If you realize that something is wrong with the settings or a player is using banned things, you immediately make a proof and stop playing! All reclamations being made after the match are invalid! The scores will be counted then.

5. Party chat

The use of party chat is allowed!

6. Roster lock

All rosters will be locked for the entire tournament process. If you want to change your roster, contact the support!

7. Match Process

1. Host

2. Map choice
The game modes and maps are given in the match comments! Please follow the instructions in the comments!

3. Match Results
For a Best of Three there are two possible results. As each map/game mode counts as one point for the winner, the results are
2 – 0
2 – 1

4. How to enter the result?
Please always post your result in the match comments, as the admins can’t approve it without! The other and better option is to directly enter the result to the match. Therefore, you have to click your match and there it says enter result to the right of the logos. The rest is easy going. Just click through till you get the confirmation of the entered result.

8. Maps and Game modes for Go4BO2

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

9. Gameaccount

Every player must have an entered gameaccount. This gameaccount is your Xbox Live Gamertag. It must be done, before you sign up to a cup or ladder.
If one or more players are playing without a registered gameaccount, your team gets 3 penalty points for every missing Gameaccount. In addition, your team can be disqualified because we can´t be sure that this player is the same player as your team member.
To enter your gameaccount, follow the link or go to your profile settings and to enter gameaccount. As gameaccount you use XBOX Live Gamertag and as value your name of your gamertag.


Current requirements:
Address You must have entered your addressmin. members: 4
Age Your birthday must be enteredmin. members: 4
Name Your full name must be entered on your Profilemin. members: 4
Sign up date For this league there is a fixed sign up dateRegistration begins: 12/03/13 01:00
Registration ends: 17/03/13 13:45
Gameaccount Players must have added the following gameaccount to their account to play in this league.Type: Xbox Live Gamertag (click here to add)
min. members: 4


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
Min. members: 4
Match adjournment: 7 days  7 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days