Xbox Live and down **UPDATE**

If you are having trouble connecting to Xbox Live or getting a ‘Runtime Error’ (or any other error for that matter) when visiting, it’s because the world is coming to an end.  In the next hour or two.

Don’t stress the Xbox team is aware of the connection issues and are working on it.  They also thank you for your patience.  As to whether they will save the world in the next hour or two is debatable.

@AceyBongos (Social Marketing Manager, Xbox EMEA) tweeted:

Thanks for your Xbox LIVE tweets, the team is aware that we are having trouble connecting and are working on it. Ta for your patience.

In other words, leave me alone while I have my coffee.

I wonder how many hackers were part of the recent ban wave for “Marketplace Theft”…


Looks like the Xbox team were on the ball. and Xbox Live is back up and operating.  The world has also been saved.

Let us know if you experience any further issues with Xbox Live or