Not content with winning the recent VS Gaming Masters Cup for Dota 2, the team from White Rabbit Gaming secured the Mega8 Esports Dota 2 Winter Cup this past weekend.

The undisputed number one Dota 2 team in South Africa wrapped it all up with a 3-0 win in the final against xTc Gaming. The victory also saw them run through the tournament with a 100% win rate.

It seems the days of Bravado Gaming dominance in Dota 2 has now well and truly been replaced with the White Rabbit Gaming era and all eyes will now be on how the new favorites perform in the Dota 2 Masters scheduled for the end of July.

Mega8 Esports Dota 2 Winter Cup final standings:

You can watch the final between White Rabbit Gaming and xTc Gaming here.

Images via Mega8 Esports Facebook page.