UFC Undisputed 2009 – Review (X360)

by Victor ‘rOgue’ Vieira


When THQ obtained the license for UFC, they¬† got Yuke’s Osaka to develop the game. Yukes is well know for wrestling games, so I for one was a little worried about what the outcome would be like. I’m glad to report that I was worried for nothing.
UFC undisputed 2009 is a mixed martial arts game, that’s best described as a simulator of the real thing. It includes all the various fighting styles associated with the sport, and presents it in a polished package.


Features and Gameplay

One of the games strongest features is the gameplay. I’m so used to typical fighting games where you ‘kick’, ‘punch’ and have some ‘special’ moves. With this title there is so much more depth.

You have your different fighting styles firstly -Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. You have a few combat systems with many options from there. So if you are standing or in ‘striking’ mode, you can use various kicks or punches, from there you can choose to grab the opponent and use elbow or knees etc. Or you can choose to use various different ‘tackles’ to get your opponent to the ground where you have a huge variety of ‘grapple’ moves in hope to get your opponent into one of the ‘submission’.

The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen in any game and without a doubt the best I have seen in a fighting game. The blood, sweat beads and body hair is ultra-realistic as is the general look of the fighter.

You have various options presented in a stunning menu system which include career, an in-depth tutorial and live. The career is the most involving career I’ve seen in a fighting game and requires many hours of input to level your fighter up to be able to take on some of the more potent fighters. You can choose to play ranked matches versus whom ever you search or host games amongst friends.

Bits I loved

  • The vast amount of ‘moves’
  • The ability to knock your opponent out with a brutally well placed kick.
  • The career mode replay value.
  • The gfx.
  • The sound-track
  • The presentation

Worst bits

  • Not too much to report here. I have seen some people complain about the blocking not feeling solid, but I feel that this is almost ‘bare-knuckle’ fighting, so how well could you possibly block.
  • The online is not suited for South African internet speeds, so unless you are playing locals, there is lag issues.


It is a well presented realistic fighting game that fits into a market that was begging for a non over-the-top fighting game. I simply love the realistic and technical approach that was taken with this game, and I am thrilled that they manage to include the depth of the fighting styles associated with the sport. I give this one definite two thumbs up and can assure you it will keep you fighting for days to come.


On the other hand Darren:

A second opinion by Marius ‘Zenfire’ Hamman

I am going to start out this review by saying that I spent all of an hour with this game and that everything I write here is my own personal opinion, I have some friends (as is evident by Rogues review) who absolutely love the game. I personally have a totally different view on the matter and thought that it was………well c**p.

Bits I liked:

  • Stunning graphics for the most part.
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Not much else.

Worst Bits:

  • Complex and daunting control scheme.
  • Overly technical.
  • Graphics outside the ring and in the menus could use some polishing
  • Some of the ground clinches look like something from Brokeback Mountain.
  • Fighting feels sluggish.
  • Knock Outs feel incredibly random.

All in all I really don’t think that this game realizes its true potential, so much so that I am selling my copy after spending no more than an hour with it. There is just too much about this game that gets to me as is evident from my long list of worst bits. In the end this is the review of an arcade fighter and I will leave it to you the reader to decide, all I ask is rather rent a copy than buying it to make that decision.

Link to site for more info, screen shots and videos: http://www.ufcundisputed.com/#/home