Ubisoft have been on a winning streak the last two years with their reveals of Watch_Dogs (2012) and The Division (2013), so what did they have up their sleeves this year? Not really.

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Far Cry 4 is still a must have, and will be out on 18 November in North America and 21 November in Europe on consoles and PC. And here’s the first five minutes of the game.


Assassin’s Creed Unity will be out on 28 October. There is also two new videos to go with the announcement.

There was more cinematic footage from The Division, which is looking like game of E3 for this old zombie.


You can expect to join The Crew on 11 November in the US (and 14 November presumably in the rest of the world). There will be an extended closed beta for the game which will be opened to select players from 23 July. Applications for the beta are now being taken via the official site.


Rainbow Six is dead, long live Rainbow Six. Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six: Siege, which is a reboot of Rainbow Six: Patriots. The new game is a multiplayer focused co-op game featuring SWAT and hostage takers and the sort… hold on, isn’t someone else doing something similar this year? This does look a lot more tactical however.

A new trailer for Valiant Hearts: The Great War was released. It might make you cry a little.

You want some more Assassin’s Creed Unity? OK. Some screens, images and details of the Collector’s Editions and more can be found here. And then there’s the videos below.

Some Far Cry 4 gameplay for you maybe?