This past weekend we were at Trenchtown to host both FIFA 17 (on Xbox One) and PES 2017 (on PS4).

The FIFA 17 event was the main focus for the day, while a PES 2017 mini-tournament was our (continued) dip into the waters of a community that is surely set to grow in the future.

FIFA 17 Tournament

With 65 players in the FIFA 17 tournament, the competition over the double elimination bracket was fierce, with some regular faces failing to make the top 16, while a number of new(er) faces made their mark, including the winner on the day Brandon Lawrence.

Brandon managed to remain unbeaten all the way to the winner’s bracket final and headed into the tournament grand final with some impressive scalps on his belt. His opponent in the grand final was FIFA stalwart Mubeen Gaffoor who had to can his spot via the loser’s bracket.

Of course, it was not going to be a simple final for Brandon as Mubeen decided to send the entire event into over time with a 2-0 win. The bracket reset meant everything was to play for in the final match of the night. However, this time it was Brandon that secured the win with a matching scoreline to bag the lion’s share of the prize pool.

The final placings after the action settled:

  • First Place: Brandon Lawrence (R750 cash + R250 Raru vouchers)
  • Second Place: Mubeen Gaffoor (R500 cash + R100 Raru vouchers)
  • Third Place: Waseem Moerat (R300 cash + R50 Raru vouchers)
  • Fourth Place: Yashen Moodley (R200 cash + R100 Raru vouchers)
L-R: Mubeen Gaffoor, Brandon Lawrence, Waseem Moerat, Yashen Moodley

You can view the full tournament bracket here.

PES 2017 Tournament

The PES community in Cape Town is a growing one with PES Society currently the title’s main tournament operators. At our Trenchtown event we hosted a free-to-enter PES 2017 tournament offering Raru vouchers as prizes.

The final placings after the action settled:

  • First Place: T-Parker (R250 Raru vouchers)
  • Second Place: Aslam (R150 Raru vouchers)

You can view the full tournament bracket here.

We would like to thank everyone that attended or participated the event for their support. As always, we could not keep operating without support.

Additional photos from the event will be uploaded to our Facebook page as soon as we can. Which may take some time, because we’re slow moving…