New T-Shirts

There comes a time in the lifetime of any organisation when they need to stop and take an introspective look at themselves. For humans, that’s pretty complicated, but for zombies, it’s even more so – barring the obvious fact that sometimes their insides are on the outside. We have a tough time feeling, well anything. Happiness, sadness, remorse or any other feelings of emotional thrill or distress is for the weak. And zombies may be slow, but we are not weak. Unless we get our finger jammed in the door.

We at Zombiegamer have come to the realisation that a fairly large number of our readers, followers and other stalkers don’t really know a lot about us and what we do and have done. So here’s a list (we usually abhor this sort of thing) of things you didn’t know about Zombiegamer.

  • T-Shirt_01Zombiegamer is not one man but a horde. If a horde totalled around three. Zombie Dredd is a grumpy old zombie, r0gue Zombie is a grumpy old zombie, Undead Ed might actually be dead and Zombie of Doom is the creepy old zombie your parents warned you about. And then there’s a bunch of others that have helped over the years but would take a lifetime to list. OK. So we can’t count.
  • We’re not really zombies. We’re not really humans either. We’re humans who have perfected our zombie disguise.
  • We are actually a gaming website (as you can tell now that you’ve visited), and we have been operating under the current disguise for almost five years. That’s possibly longer than most of you have been out of school. In fact, we are the biggest – and longest running – gaming site in South Africa with ‘zombie’ and ‘gamer’ in the name.
  • We would rather do something than talk about doing something – in fact, we’d rather not talk badly about others doing things – so we started Zombiegamer Events. Working with others (proving zombies, unlike humans, can actually play nice with others) and independently we host gaming events and tournaments, and have beavered away behind the scenes on some of your favourite gaming activities over the last two years.


  • We are proudly South African, but didn’t pay for the badge. If you’re an events company, clan, gamer, human (or otherwise), chances are we will be happy to make your acquaintance and cover you and your activities via our calendar, profiles or SA coverage.
  • This is not all as glamorous as it sounds. We do not make money doing this. We do not get an unlimited supply of free stuff like we’re in gaming heaven or the zombie equivalent. We just do it for love. And brains. More the brains actually. So support us (like how about popping in and saying “hi” once a day) and you will see just what unconditional zombie love really is. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook too. And probably under your bed. Or in your shower. Or behind you… shuffling.