DGL Masters

  • 18 August Xperts @ Total Chaos 2 – 0 Veneration eSports
  • 18 August Aperture Gaming 2 – 0 Damage Control
  • 21 August Carbon vs Flipsid3 Tactics (Carbon win because F3 forfeit the match)
  • 21 August Bravado Gaming 2 – 1 White Rabbit Gaming

But for a few outstanding matches, this week marks the end of the round 6 fixtures and leaves us with just one more round left in Leg 2 for the Masters teams. The bottom of the table looks pretty secure at this stage of the leg, with Veneration eSports only earning a single point thus far. This is primarily the result of them forfeiting four out of their five fixtures to date. A pretty dismal and embarrassing showing for a team in the very top DotA 2 league in the country. The top five positions, however, are separated by only three points. Bravado Gaming are currently sitting at the top of the log on 15 points (after five games) and are the only undefeated team during Leg 2. They’re closely followed by Xperts @ Total Chaos on 14 points (who have played six games), White Rabbit Gaming, and Aperture Gaming (both on 12 points after five games).

DGL Prem Div.

  • 15 August Immersion Reborn 2 – 1 TopKek
  • 18 August Ventus Academy Pink 2 – 1 Pulse Gaming
  • 18 August eXdee Gaming 2 – 0 Singularity eSports
  • 21 August Ventus Academy Pink 2 – 0 Ventus DotA
  • 21 August Immersion Reborn 2 – 0 Singularity eSports
  • 21 August Ventus DotA 2 – 1 Reversal eSports
  • 21 August eXdee Gaming 2 – 0 Pulse Gaming

This weeks schedule for the DGL Premier Division was comprised of both round 2 and round 3 fixtures. iM Reborn continue their great start to Leg 4, putting in consistent performances as they dominate the rest of Premier Division. The only other team performing as well are eXdee Gaming (previously Energy eSports) who have also put in strong performances and are thus far unbeaten. vA.Pink surprisingly beat the main Ventus DotA2 team, something that will put a spring in the academy teams step as they make it unlikely the main Ventus DotA2 team will repeat their Leg 3 success. Both Ventus teams are currently sitting on 7 points apiece. The rest of the pack is following from a considerable distance. TopKek, Sing.VH, Reversal FoJ, and Pulse Gaming are all looking far too close to the bottom of the table for comfort. Things there need to change quickly, or any of these teams could be playing in First Division next year.

Eclipse Cup

  • 17 August Bravado Gaming 2 – 0 Aperture Gaming
  • 20 August Ventus DotA 2 – 0 Pulse Gaming
  • 21 August eXdee Gaming 2 – 1 White Rabbit Gaming

The Winners Bracket Finals sees Bravado Gaming narrowly edging out Aperture Gaming 2 – 0 to advance to the Grand Finals. In the Losers Bracket Ventus DotA convincingly beat Pulse Gaming 2 – 0, where they will meet eXdee Gaming after their impressive victory over White Rabbit Gaming. The winner of that engagement will face Aperture Gaming in the Losers Bracket Finals. A loss at this stage of the competition sadly spells elimination for Pulse Gaming, who will be joined by White Rabbit Gaming. We are entering the final stages of the Eclipse Cup, and competition is fierce among the few remaining teams for a first place finish before DGC. I’m really excited to see how these last few matches pan out, even though I’m secretly an APG supporter and hope they get another shot at BVD!


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