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That was close. We almost thought there’d be no profile feature this week. And only after one week of the ‘reboot’. But no, a clan we have always had a soft spot for (yes, most of a decaying zombie is in fact pretty soft and jelly-like) decided the time was right to answer the questions we sent them around six months ago. But we won’t hold that against them because we’re awesome like that. And because we think yellow is an awesome colour… for others. We prefer black. Like our dead heart.

So, say hello to the brand known as ViNCO Gaming and their new partnership agreements.

Let’s start with the obvious question – what does ‘ViNCO’ stand for?

Vinco – Latin for vanquish and in COD speak it means “we will fuck your shit up”.

When is the official birth date of ViNCO?

I suppose Facebook gave us the date of 26th April 2013, but I would think 13th March 2013 when the team first formed for COD Champs on Black Ops 2.


Some of the ViNCO chaps at the MGMS Finals in Cape Town, Oct. 2014

Who are the current members of ViNCO and what are their various roles?

Vinco Swarley – CEO & The Beard
VnCo CS1977 – The Boss
VnCo ColdCat – GFX and Customer Support
VnCo FBi (CPT), VnCo Kai, VnCo Skaz, VnCo Tiano, VnCo Zela form VnCo Black CoD
VnCo Slushy (CPT), VnCo  RipTide, VnCo Deqa, VnCo Zeus form VnCo Yellow CoD
VnCo Pupsky and VnCo Sharp are our Halo Gods
VnCo Oreo , VnCo Widget & VnCO Gannicus are inactive at the moment.

How is the clan structured in terms of management?

Swarley and CS run the clan management but all in all it is about group input.

Which platform is the console of choice for the clan? Why?

Xbox One, Competitive Console eSports [except FIFA actually… – Smartass Undead Ed] are based on the Xbox Platforms.

Are you an out-and-out Call of Duty clan? Why?

We were, but we have a Halo squad waiting to spawn.

Any other games that the clan plays as a change of pace?

We jam FIFA often, along with Destiny and The Boss goes to race some Forza when he has road rage issues.

How often do you try to play together (or even practice) as a clan?

Practice for the COD squads varied on Ghosts, but we believe that at least 3 hours a night to prep for AW is a good ground base.

You appear to be a pretty approachable bunch of humans, but remain a competitive clan. Is that balance of ‘shit and giggles’ and competitiveness a crucial part of ViNCO’s DNA?

Being competitive keeps us alive as much as having fun does, finding the balance is important. We hate it when we kak cause then Swarley just tells everyone they kak, then we think of Jakez [from F34R – Undead Ed] and we laugh.


VnCo Black in action. Oct. 2014

Is attending LANs important to the clan and its members – especially considering the lack of (but steadily increasing) LANs in the console scene?

It is one of the most important aspects of competitive gaming these days. Being relevant means putting down the money to make it to events. Slowly but surely they start making back the expenses and one day travel and LANs would be much more accessible to us if not everyone.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?  If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

We not recruiting right now for COD and the Halo squad have their eyes on a few. We generally tend to pick up people we have a relationship with. We end up becoming a family unit more than a clan. When we do recruit it’s usually people we have played with and know a bit about them.

Tell us a little about how you organised your sponsor/partner, what they are offering you and what they expect from you in return?

We have been very selective as to who we want to involve ourselves with, the same way a sponsor will/should scrutinize you it works both ways. We have in the past been lead on a goose chase by a certain individual and we have learnt from that. We needed to find a like minded company and individual with the same social and moral standing.

Evopoints became my focal point, the way Ricky has offered his company and services to the COD community was/is amazing. The fact that he has picked up the Scuf contract for South Africa made our partnership even more of a must do than we thought. We have helped him out at rAge with the Scuf stand and that was the start of something we hope to talk about in years to come. This isn’t a sponsorship but more a partnership. The Idea of us being more of an extended sales staff and ambassadors was how we apporached this. We are proud to be associated with Evopoints and we hope to carry the brand to further heights. Evopoints have really shown they want to help in the growth of eSport in SA and we just want to help cement their place as a market leader amongst the console community. The partnership has a few perks we are excited about but at the same time we are realistic that we get what we deserve when we need it. In fact, when I told the rest of the clan about the partnership the first thing they said was thank you, as of now no one has even asked “what we getting?” I love these Vinco brothers! But that’s just testament to how we want to deal with Evopoints.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

We want the clan to become self sustainable and successful. Getting a second win for the clan is the goal for 2015, along with sending a squad to Champs and whatever other international events we may have access to.

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect?

F34R – Jakez nearly joined us in Vinco but got a big chance to resurrect our old brand and has done it well. Congrats on the new venture bud. [F34R recently joined Energy eSports – Undead Ed]

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

The image of kids playing in dark corners and being anti social is a mask we need to unveil. The general perception of gamers is that we live in dungeons and you – my flesh eating friend – know this better than most we don’t. So teaching the greater parts of the nation that gaming isn’t what they perceive, and we may not be a “sport”, but we definitely know how to compete and compete well.  On the professional side of it we need to be able to take advantage of the media channels we have to promote the entertainment factor involved in eSports and the accessibility for anyone to join in. Grow our numbers and we grow our audiences

Right, let’s have a little fun…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

the hillbilly family from all the Wrong Turn movies.

Movie that bests describes the clan – Tropic Thunder or Platoon?

Tropic Platoon.

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

Something inspirational like ohh die donkey.

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you head back out to the virtual battlefield?

As a clan we are starting to roll out more social media, vids and merchandise in a partnership with #PWND, and we now have a website selling Vinco Gaming apparel. Not just team jerseys but t-shirts and we even have one inspired by you brain scavenging fellas [that’s us! – Undead Ed]. Our hopes and wishes are that other teams become brands more than clans and that we eventually have a bunch of brands ready to do battle on the same level as we see the Denials, the TK’s, The Fear’s, the Optics and the nV brands/orginazations competing year in and year out. That is a goal we share with the awesome folks at #PWND, so follow them and our newest partner Evopoints.

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