iUdicium Logo_01The console Call of Duty community is trying to find ways to get themselves noticed. Of course, that means some see controversy as a viable option, but it’s the ones working behind the scenes with the quietest voices that are making things happen. Of course, in the case of iUdicium, a quiet voice isn’t an option, but a knowledgeable one is.

iUdicium Casting has formed to offer the competitive Call of Duty scene on console the opportunity to have their matches casted and streamed – arguably the most crucial elements of  securing any potential future sponsorship. You need to be visible to be branded.

So what exactly is iUdicium offering? We find out a little more by picking at the surface.

Hi there. Before we even get to the casting part of things. iUdicium? What does it mean and how did you come up with the name?

iUdicium is Latin, meaning point of view. We want to share the players point of view in game. The Boss came to us with this name and thought it described our purpose perfectly.

When did iUdicium Casting form?

It was just after the Afrihost LAN where ChutneyBoi displayed his talent in putting on a production setup of professional quality.

Who are the braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss that form the iUdicium crew?

The Braaaaaainstrust comprises of ChutneyBoi, Spector ZA and 3 VnCo boys, namely Kai, Zela and The Boss.

What made you all decide it was time to ‘get organised’?

We realised that we needed to get our esport plight out to the rest of the “world” and the only way currently is via streaming it and making it into a channel, unlike TV, Twitch streaming is an engaging visual medium where viewers are tuned in and engaged and interactive with not just the broadcast but the community and other viewers.

What services do you offer to clans and events?

We offer our facilities to anyone we wish to promote, clans or events. We don’t always have the time to do what we want to but we will always make a plan with enough heads up time given.

Console only? Call of Duty only?

As you can see the “brainstrust” are largely CoD based players so for now that is our primary market.

Are there plans to expand in the future?

Most definitely. We want to be a platform, more of a springboard in finding people with the right mix to be able to commentate and engage an audience. We want to develop a programme to help us grow the marketable side of esports.

What do you feel are the main differences between “traditional” sports commentary and shoutcasting?

As mentioned before, with shoutcasting we are tuned in with our audience, they have direct access to the casters so to speak. It breeds a healthy and spontaneous interaction with “the crowd”.

Can anyone get in to to shoutcasting?

If you have the balls to get on the mic, we will give you a chance. It isn’t as easy as what Nick Holden made it seem.

Do you have any tips or advise to anyone who wants to get into it?

The most important thing is to not take criticism personally, if you have the ability to block out “haters” then you can step up and try out with us. I have listened to a few people cast and some of our local guys can really do it.

The South African gaming scene certainly appears to be on an upswing at the moment.  What do you think is needed to sustain that growth?

We need to be able to market ourselves/product to the rest of the “world”. We need to show potential sponsors that we have their customer’s attention. Gamers are loyal to a fault and sponsors need to tap into that. We will follow most who show belief in us. In turn this will start a snowball effect in attracting more and more corporate money to help us achieve greater things.

Do you believe the community has a big role to play in growing gaming in general?  If so, what would you like to see the community do?

The community needs to realise they are our only advert/our face of marketing. The community will only get better if we behave better, get more pro-active and professional. We need to work together to make this what we want it to be.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

We would like to thank every one that has followed us and tuned in to our broadcasts. We are here to entertain and we need to know what the viewers want. We want to hear what works and what doesn’t. Help us help you… And follow us on twitter, else we moer you…

Twitter | Twitch Channel | Email: Email: iUdiciumCasting@gmail.com 

If you are keen to feature in this column in the future, please feel free to contact us at info@zombiegamer.co.za and we’ll think about – after you’ve sent us a sample of your braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.