Evolution Esports is a brand new South African MGO founded by Fabio “Artdepartment-” Viveiros. If Fabio’s name seems familiar, he is a Dota 2 player who earlier this year got to play for Sinister5 at the VS Gaming Championship at rAge after the team was not allowed to use three of their regular players. In all likelihood, that first LAN experience set the wheels in motion for the birth of Evolution and this week we find out more about the MGO and their plans for the future.

Go ahead and introduce yourself to the readers.

What’s up ladies and gents! [And, erm, zombies?! – Undead Ed] We are Evolution – a newly formed MGO looking to bridge the gap between the top level Esports players with the lower levels. We are mainly focused on developing our players.

How long have you been together?

This is a recently formed MGO hopefully able to make an impact in the SA Esports scene.

What is your platform (or platforms) of choice?

We currently have a Dota 2 team on PC and on PS4 we have one FIFA player.

Who are the leaders of the MGO and what is the MGO organisational structure like?

It’s really basic. I (Fabio) do most of the managing right now. But I also have a few awesome people helping out behind the scenes, which helps a lot.

How many members do you have and who are they?

Dota 2:
Ruben “Kai” Kruger.
Danie “FireWalker” Walker.
Luan “ssfelon” Lourens.
Fabio “Artdepartment-” Viveiros.

Martin “Archiac” Venter.

Jarryd “J-Man” Whiteman.

How often do you play together as a MGO?

Our Dota 2 team practices four or five days per week with scrims and EU ranked games.

Do you consider yourselves a competitive MGO, or one in it more for “the shits and giggles”?

Competitive. We strive to be our best and hope to keep playing against higher level teams to improve.

Has the MGO participated in many tournaments? Which? Won any?

Not yet, but we are looking forward to participating in any opportunities we get!

Is attending LANs important to the MGO and its members?

LANs are always fun, but unfortunately we cannot all attend LANs together as we are spread around South Africa. However, those who can LAN together do so.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?

Not right now. Having just launched the MGO, we want to focus solely on the performance of the active teams. Depending on how that goes, we will then branch out into more teams in the titles.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a MGO?

I’ve been gaming my whole life. Since my start in the South African Dota 2 scene, I have always wanted to compete but I never really got the chance to put my all into it with school, working for my parents and now varsity. I want to create a space where players who are still getting used to the competitive side of gaming can come and learn from other players and coaches.

Which opposing MGO(s) do you most respect?

In terms of skill, it’s WRG [White Rabbit Gaming – Clarifying Undead Ed]. They are crazy good right now at Dota 2. I don’t think any other team on the scene will beat them this coming year. In terms of professionalism, it has got to be Sin5. Although I haven’t really seen how the other MGOs are run, Sin5 have proven to me and many others that they really care about their players’ well-being and happiness. That is the kind of model I want to use here.

With regards to professional and competitive gaming (or even gaming in general), what do you as a MGO think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

I am trying to start this MGO in order to help the local scene to grow. We need to start off by helping the younger generations get into gaming and improve in their respective games. Previously, it has been an issue where the top players saw themselves as too “big” for our scene, but recently top players have now actually started coaching the lower teams and some even offer personal one-on-one coaching. What I’m trying to say is we have to improve the knowledge and skill of the youth to improve the skill-level of our local players and teams. Right now we only have one Dota team and one CS:GO team to get the MGO started. In 2018 we will be launching a youth team for younger players, allowing them to get the taste of the competitive scene by playing in the VS Ladder and also by competing in local tournaments.

Evolution Contact Information:
Twitter | Facebook | Email: Evolution.EsportsZA@gmail.com

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