New weekly Gaming and Social event for Cape Town kicks off Wednesday **UPDATE** Moved to Mondays

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The gaming nights as advertised below have been changed to a Monday night. The schedule for the next two weeks remains unchanged, and the evening will also feature stand-up comedians. So, jam a game, have a laugh, or have a laugh while jamming a game.  And eating.  And drinking.  The competitive games (with prizes) will have a R20 registration fee.

This coming Monday (11 February) will be a Gears of War 3 mini-tournament featuring 2v2 play.  Numbers will dictate if single elimination, double elimination or even a mini-league.

The following Monday (18 February) will be Black Ops 2 and will be a free-for-all competition.

Apologies, this was a decision made by Trenchtown to avoid clashing with Euro Champs League games, as the place gets packed for the games and the gamers may actually be stepped on by the crazier spectators in the venue.  Safety first in gaming of course…


Wize Wednesdays.  That’s the name of a new weekly gaming event that will take its first tentative steps from tomorrow night, Wednesday 6 February.  From then on, every Wednesday evening until there is no more support – or the zombie apocalypse happens (the more likely of the two scenarios, we would like to think…) – you can head over to Trenchtown in Observatory (in the Western Cape) for a bit of socialising, gaming, good food, even better drinks and just an awesome vibe.

The plan is to rotate the focus game every week to keep things fresh and entertaining, and will offer a mixture of full-on competitive gaming, along with good old fashioned social gaming.

Every event needs to crawl before it can walk, and then walk before it runs (away from the zombies, screaming), and this is no different.  Four Xbox 360s and four 32″ TVs will be available with the “focus” game of the week hogging the majority and the remainder used for more chilled gaming.  These numbers may grow over time, as the needs dictate.  As gamers, you are encouraged to bring along your handheld consoles, so that you can partake in a little friendly rivalry with an opponent lurking somewhere in the venue.

How do we know so much about this?  Well, let’s just say that Zombiegamer is expanding (albeit at a slow shambling pace) into gaming events, and will be there to help Trenchtown give gaming one of (we hope) many new homes this year.

Trenchtown Wize WednesdaysThe schedule of upcoming events at Trenchtown’s Wize Wednesdays:

The gaming will kick off from 7pm, but the drinks and food are there pretty much all day…

Trenchtown Obs cocktails all night R18 5pm -close
Blacklabel + Castle 1L = R35 5-7pm
Awesome prizes to be won

MyMusicMatrix Music will operate a Pub Quiz every Wednesday.

XBOX GAMES Tournaments (please note that the schedule is subject to change):
6 Feb:
FIFA 13: Tournament with sponsored prizes.
13 Feb:
Gears of War 3: Tournament with sponsored prizes.
20 Feb:
Black Ops 2: Tournament with sponsored prizes.
27 Feb:
Forza Horizon: Fastest lap competition with sponsored prizes.
6 Mar:
Rocksmith and Guitar Hero: Social.
13 Mar:
Variety evening: Kinect games and lots more.
20 Mar:
Gears of War Judgment: Tournament.  Subject to confirmation.

More details will be announced weekly, and you can also keep tabs of the event here.

Trenchtown is at 92 Station Road, Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa and is generally open from 12pm to 11pm, except on Sundays when it closes at 8pm.

We will also be revealing more plans of events being organised with our surprisingly lively selves in the coming weeks.