This article is an unedited version of a piece written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 65 January 2019.

The MTN App of the Year Awards rewards local app developers for their creativity across multiple categories. The awards started in 2012 and this year saw well over 750 entries over 12 categories. I had the opportunity to form part of the judging panel for the second year in row.

Overall Winner:  Khula!

Khula! proved to be a judge favourite and grabbed the agricultural and overall categories. The app allows emerging farmers to contribute their goods to meet a delivery on bulk orders from retailers. Essentially, this is crowd-sourcing for the South African farmer.

Farmers can offer their own available quantities of produce to the requested bulk order, which is then correlated, collected and delivered seamlessly to the unaffected client.

This is all completed thanks to the app coming complete with all the tools required for the sourced products to reach their destination. Orders are placed by clients on the built in e-commerce web platform which works alongside a logistics solution similar to Uber.

The app ensures that independent contractors have all the tools necessary to complete delivery demands.

These were cool too

Developed by an 18-year-old, Bestee rightly secured Most Innovative Solution and Best Breakthrough Developer. It is described as the “world’s fastest and only offline virtual assistant,” and it makes Siri and other virtual assistants look pedestrian by comparison. Where Bestee is unable to assist, she will search the internet (when online) to expand her knowledge and better respond to you in the future.

Local data costs are not the most competitive in the world. What South Africa needs is a South African WhatsApp competitor that doesn’t need data. Meet Moya Messenger – a data free text messenger currently supported on all major local networks. It is a definite alternative to the current international king but it should be noted that attachments and images are charged for.

The Gaming Category saw the ACGL app take top honours. Gaming speaks heavily to the magazine’s audience and the ACGL app is all about gaming. Competitive gaming mainly, but gaming none-the-less. The app allows players to connect to online gaming tournaments for multiple titles, receive instant push notifications, and more.

[Image via MTN]