How do you get gamers to enjoy a beautiful sunny Cape Town day?  The short answer is to give them a good reason to.  The longer answer includes extreme sports, games, prizes and the title Ultimate Gamer.

This past Saturday (16 February) saw all the above boxes get ticked as the Hunters Extreme Ultimate X played host to the Mountain Dew Ultimate Gamer event.  While extreme sportsmen and sportswomen showed their ability to perform what would be death defying stunts if left to mere mortals or even “normal” folk, a group of around 40 gamers went to work to show off what they were capable of in the virtual realm.

IMG_2844Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Signal Hill, a man-made water canal and industrial ramps, was the marquee of gaming dreams.  Scheduled to test the skills of the gamers over five different gaming genres, the event got off to a slightly rocky start when the power tripped and caused a small delay.  While absorbing the otherwise electric atmosphere of the event, Glenn Alexander of 4eGF laid out the broad scope of the day – beat your opponents in a fighting game, a racing game, a sports game, a shooter and a casual game and accumulate the most points and you will walk away with the honours.  Easy… of course, nothing really is that easy is it?  Being the most consistent over multiple genres was always going to be the key to any gamer’s success and finishing as high as possible meant that you were always in the running.  One bad game quickly meant you were putting your chances at risk.

With the power sorted out, the players came out swinging for round 1 as Street Fighter IV kicked off.  As the single elimination saw the first competitors knocked out, they were ushered over to Forza Horizon where they were tasked with setting a blistering pace in the hope of clawing back some points in the overall standings.  With lap times around the 1:02 mark, it was always going to take a special lap to grab the first place, and Clint did so with a time of one minute flat.  Meanwhile, the last fighters were beating each other to within an inch of their lives, which saw Mubeen take the win in the brawler.  Two games down and two players on 20 points, but another competitor was actually in the lead following a second in Street Fighter and a fifth in Forza Horizon – Zane was on 22 points going in to the lunch break.

The heat was really on after lunch, and even some of those watching the “real world” sports started to come in search of a cooler spot in the gaming tent (which also sported ten units for all to play on alongside the 16 consoles designated for the competition).

IMG_2857FIFA 13 kicked off first with some big name Cape Town players pinning their hopes on grabbing top honours in the game to go towards their points tally.  A few surprises later and Street Fighter IV winner Mubeen grabbed the first place, with Khumo coming up in second place to grab his first points for the day.  While Mubeen was sitting pretty comfortably in the top slot for overall standings as the Halo 4 leg got into its business end, there was still an outside chance of a few players grabbing the overall standing by the narrowest of margins.

Halo 4 – much like FIFA 13 – drew a large crowd of spectators and the players didn’t disappoint them.  The eight man free-for-all lobbies proved frenetic affairs at times with places being decided in the final seconds of games.  Screams of agony and delight were heard in equal measure, but in the end Noel (who up until then had only grabbed a seventh and tenth spot) grabbed the overall win in the Microsoft shooter.  This catapulted him into third place in the overall standings, while Zane’s third place pushed him into second place overall.  Mubeen was still sitting in the top spot, despite being knocked out in the semi-finals.

IMG_2869While Dance Central may have really separated the boys from the men, sadly visions of men running away from the Kinect in fear were never realised.  A combination of time deadlines and sharp light glaring in to the marquee meant that no amount of re-positioning of the sensor could get it operating.  With the Ultimate X winners about to be announced and the gamers set to join the prize giving, the Mountain Dew Ultimate Gamer for 2013 was declared to be Mubeen – who proved to be (as suspected) the most consistent competitor of the day.

Congratulations to the competitors and winners, as well as those on the ground who made the whole event a success.  See you all at the next one?

By the numbers:

  • 26 – number of Xbox 360 consoles and TVs
  • 20 – number of points for finishing in first place with reduced points for lower placed finishers (1st: 20 | 2nd: 15 | 3rd: 10 |  4th: 8 | 5th: 7 | 6th: 6 | 7th: 5 | 8th: 4 | 9th: 3 | 10th: 2)
  • 5 – number of scheduled games
  • 4 – number of games actually played
  • Truckloads – the number of Mountain Dew cooldrinks handed out for free to the competitors.

The Mountain Dew Ultimate Gamer was sponsored by Mountain DewXbox South Africa supplied some of the equipment used, as well as the prizes.  4eGF operated the event and supplied some of the equipment used.











Zane, Glenn, Mubeen and Noel



You can see more pictures from the event on our Facebook Page.

The full standings:

Mubeen Clint Smith Mubeen Noel 1 Mubeen 42
Zane Wesley Prinsloo Khumo Nicohlas 2 Zane 30
Thierry Vincent Shameegh Swarley 3 Noel 27
Khumo Shaun Thierry Zane 4 Khumo 25
Bradley Steenberg Zane Godfrey Jeandre 5 Clint S 22
David Shameeg Fraansman Rohan 6 Shameegh 20
Godfrey Noel Talieb Shameegh 7 Thierry 18
Alan Wayne Alex Wayne 8 Wesley 15
Franklin Brandon 9 Swarley 15
Noel Richard Rohan Tiaan 9 Nicholas 15
Bradley E Lucas 10 Godfrey 14
Bradley S Clint Smith 11 Vincent 10
Alan Bradley E 11 Shaun 10
Swarley Richard 12 Bradley S 9
Richard Mubeen 12 Jeandre 9
Jeandre Khumo 13 Wayne 7
Shaun Godfrey 13 Rohan 7
14 David 6
14 Alan 6
14 Fraansman 6
14 Richard 6
15 Talieb 5
16 Alex 4
16 Bradley E 4
17 Franklin 3