Morning News Wrap (26 Feb 2013)

Breakfast Wrap 02It’s about time that we get recognised for getting up early in the morning to bring this round-up of news to you.  A simple brain and egg muffin would be most appreciated.

So… you are expecting the PS4 in Europe this year still are you?  Don’t hold your breath because Sony Europe appears a little unsure when it will release.  SCEE’s UK managing director, Fergal Gara, who told Digital Spy that the platform holder will release more specific launch plans at a later date.  “We will launch it this year… exactly what regions, what timing, is being worked through… Which regions in 2013 – is it all of them, is it some of them? Is there some degree of phasing? We’ll reveal that in more detail later but we can’t yet.”

Sony has patented a way of using load times to identify whether software being used is legitimate or pirated.  Erm.  We’ll just direct you to Eurogamer who spotted this, because we are really not too sure how it all might work.

The number of developers working on PS4 titles has suddenly almost been halved since the console was announced last week.  The original 53 has been culled to 28, with some new studios being added.  Obviously, this doesn’t mean the cut studios won’t make games for the console, it merely means they don’t have anything in development at present.  Mojang (Minecraft), Rovio (Angry Birds), Frozenbyte, Criterion Games, and City Interactive have been removed, while CD Projekt, Bohemia Interactive, Deep Silver, Ninja Theory, IO Interactive, Codemasters, 2K Games, and Sumo Digital have been added. [More via Joystiq]

However, Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that all of Sony’s 12 first-party studios are working on a PS4 title. [via IGN]

Sony has also said that while they are “aware” of their competition, the company marches to its own strategy.  Speaking to Bloomberg Business Week, Jack Tretton, chief executive officer of SCEA, said the company is confident in that holiday 2013 is the right time to launch its next console regardless of what Microsoft may offer.  “We’ve always had different competitors, we were in the space before Microsoft and we may be in the space after Microsoft.”  He also appeared to clarify that Sony may well be targeting the hardcore market.  “We wanted to focus on the games and talk to our gaming audience… The gamers got it, that’s who we’re talking to… I think those [casual] consumers are great, they’re additive. They play those bitesized free experiences, those five minute experiences, it demystifies gaming and hopefully they move up the food chain to a dedicated console… But if you’re a dedicated gamer who plays a console you understand the difference between a tablet and smartphone experience, so I don’t see them as a threat. But we recognise that our gamers are very communicative, they’re using other devices, and we want to involve them in the PlayStation universe regardless of of where they are or what device they’re using.”

Speaking of Sony’s competition, Microsoft has insisted that it had nothing to do with the recent police raid on SuperDaE, who is believed to be in possession – and having leaked details – of a dev kit for Microsoft’s next console. [via CVG]

The Halo 4 ‘Majestic Map Pack’ is now available to download.  Free as part of the War Games Pass, not free otherwise – it will set you back 800MS Points.

Leaked PS Trophies suggest that EA is planning another three add-ons for last year’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted.  Called ‘Terminal Velocity Pack’, ‘Movie Legends Pack’ and ‘NFS Heroes Pack’, no other information or pricing is available, other than the PS3Trophies listed.

Cars.  Not the song by Gary Numan.  But the actual mode of transport as featured in Need for Speed and FlatOut.  Bugbear Entertainment – the FlatOut developer – has teased its next product and they promise a racing game that will see the studio go “back to our roots”.

Respawn Entertainment – the studio formed by ex-Infinity Ward’s Jason West and Vince Zampella – will be at E3 to show… well, their top secret project of course.  This was confirmed by Zampella via Twitter: “I’ve gotten a ‘few’ questions about e3expo plans this year. Yes, we will finally be at E3!”

Diablo 3 will not require an internet connection on PS3 and PS4.  The news comes via Sony’s John Hight during an interview with GameTrailers.  In the interview, he refers offline play when discussing the game’s local co-op mode.  “You can have four people on the same screen – no split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or if you’re offline…” [via CVG]

Epic and not-so-Epic news next.  Epic Games art director Chris Perna believes that Gears of War clones have hurt the franchise.  In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK, he said that with the market “flooded by Gears clones,” the Gears of War franchise has suffered.  Meanwhile the original Gear himself Cliffy B (I wonder if he still likes to be called that…) reckons the games industry is in “a massive state of turmoil” and that it would be the worst time to exit ‘semi-retirement’… to make a new game… kinda like that Gears of War game… *

We didn’t realise that there were so many new weapons in Gears of War Judgment.  Another new weapon has been revealed.  The ‘Markza’ – a “UIR Semi-automatic rifle” with a scope .

Another trailer to end with… Mass Effect 3’s ‘The Reckoning’ DLC.  The multiplayer DLC will arrive “from” today in the US.

Alright, we made the part after ‘semi-retirement’ up.

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