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HaloSA have announced plans for their next tournament and have taken the team concept and turned it on its head.

In an effort to draw in more players, the top two teams in the country – ViNCO and Ventus – will split for the League and play as captains of new teams. The new teams will be made up via the randomising of all players that register for the tournament. The hope is that under the guidance of these team captains, newer players will learn more about Halo 5 and the tactics and strategies that make some players look just a little better.

The League will run for a few weeks, and at the end of it all, the top two teams will play each other in the final decider where all the glory and some prizes will be assigned to the victor. It should be noted that prizes are still being finalised in the coming weeks and will be announced on the HaloSA site. In the meanwhile, get yourself registered and tell your friends to join because it’s free to enter.


The prizes have been announced and there’s plenty to win (see below).


Should it be necessary, the current number of eight captains will be increased to accommodate more entries.

The full details regarding the tournament is via HaloSA:


  • Registrations open: 25th April 2016
  • Registrations Close: 8th May 2016
  • League Round 1 Starts: 16th May 2016
  • Each round is one (1) week in length and teams will have to finish all of their assigned matches within that week (maximum of 4 matches per round)


  • Simply register yourself on our league page here
  • Check back on the league page on the 3rd of May to see your assigned team!



  • R2000 cash will be distributed amongst the top 4 teams:1st: R800
    2nd: R600
    3rd: R400
    4th: R2005 (five) Xbox vouchers will be RANDOMLY be given to a different player at the end of each week for the first 5 weeks.


Check our settings and rules page out here


  • Online league on Xbox Live
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Best of 5 (five)
  • Round Robin Format
  • 4v4 Teams


  • You must be registered on our Halo SA website.
  • You must have a complete profile on our website, including your Gamertag!

Team captains:

  • Vinco Pupsky
  • Vinco Sharp
  • Vinco Radical
  • Nicmeister
  • Plain Filth
  • Irish xF
  • Alphose
  • Cryptokore
  • L Killers L
  • Maiya ZA
  • You can buy Halo 5 via our affiliate here.