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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

If ever you have found yourself playing Gears at 01:00 – 02:00 in the morning, chances are there is just one lobby going, that lobby, 90% of the time, consist of Holden, Vandal and Doc [For our international readers, we are specifically talking about a South African lobby…these three clowns are not as internationally renowned as they think they are – (Undead) Ed].  The conversation that takes place in that lobby is nothing short of “WTF are we talking about?”.

From Yo’ mama jokes right down to Holden’s undying love for TT (yes TT, he does love you and we can only imagine the children that could be spawned if you two should meet someday, somewhere…). It adds to huge entertainment and lots of fun. Holden’s quick and witty sense of humour (and killer sniper skills) makes him a firm favourite amongst the late night players…

  • What is your favourite mode in Gears – Execution, Annex etc?

By far it has to be Execution, the fast pace and need to secure power weapons before the other team is what makes it the most difficult yet rewarding game type. Especially clan matches, all the way since Gears 1 it has been the most competitive mode.

  • Weapon of choice?

Sniiiiiper, or the Praat Boog (aka the torque bow), no game comes close to the feeling of popping heads with either of these weapons.

  • What do you think about the whole Guardian tourney that has been organized? Would you play again if one got organized?

Sure would, I’m usually keen for Gears especially when I have such sexy team mates. Must admit I’m not a big fan of Guardian. The constant re-spawning and the protection of the leader’s really frustrating.


  • Who is your nemesis in Gears, that one dude that sits like a thorn in your side…?

Ooooh tough question, well there has been a few since the Gears 1 days. If could name but a few they would be Poddle, Vanilla (aka Iceprince), Evolvee irritates me (corner snipeeee) and how could we all forget about Venom and Cheeeetor!! The original sniper and torque bow specialist respectively (miss u guys *tear*)

  • Complete the phrase: “ the chainsaw is….”

a portable mechanical saw, powered by electricity, compressed air, hydraulic power, or most commonly a two-stroke engine. …

  • Your most memorable moment in Gears?

There have been a few, to name two it would be. 1 – playing Gears one clan match against WYH (undefeated Gears champs). Here High 5 (My team) was 2 v 1 against MrCrammer and the next round would win the match for us. We were playing Canals and my team mate (Jut King) is in mid chainsaw by MrCrammer’s hand. So I slowly walk up right next to Crammer and stand with my shotgun in his face and wait for the chainsaw animation to end. So it finally finishes and I shoot him directly square in the chest …… he looks at me then chainsaws me a second later (we lost that match 5-4 🙁 ). Then second would be winning the Gammerlobby wingman tournament with Friedboy (Gears lover) by beating Poddle and Ognipode in the final.



  • Your favourite map?  Why?

Gotta say Fuel Depot (Gears 1).  Intense Gears 1 map both for individual and clan matches. Followed closely by Canals for the same reasons.


  • What really peeves you of in a MP game of Gears?

I made a video, a while back. Gears 2 headshots. You can shoot a person square in the head, then to add insult to injury blood spurts out their head?


  • When I grow up I wanna play like…?

TT 😉 grrrrrrrr <3

  • When did you start gaming?

I didn’t realise it but actually from a young age. I was raised on a resort and the only cool things to do was to fish and play at the arcade. My dad was the manager back in the day so I could play for free. I was kicking 16 and 18 year old asses in street fighter and Mortal combat when I was six.

  • What was your first game?

Ever? Hmmm , the one that I owned first was sonic. Was actually on the Ktv show. Had to shout forward, forward, grab. Too bad the guy controlling Sonic was an idiot couldn’t jump over the piranha pool. Ever notice how unnecessary it was to yell grab on that show ??

  • What is your favourite game?








If u haven’t left this page after I just said that you are a sad man.

But its Gears Head and (favorite shampoo) above the rest.


  • What was the worst game you have ever played?
    Why the heck did you play it?

Worst game ever is one of these new Indie games, something about shooting a baby out of pregnant womens ‘you know what’ then trying to hit as many objects as possible. You can understand why I have it, but just not as fun as it sounds .


  • Why the name ….?

Well its actually very complicated. Seeing as I don’t have any imagination and I’m very dull I decided my clan name should be my Surname, ‘Holden’. It actually wasn’t my first choice. I was going to go with Professor Poo, but it was taken.

  • Complete the following: First Person Shooters….

usually have guns in them…


  • Gaming food of choice (what keeps you going at 00:00 in the night?)

Drinking Milo, and prob being in a party with one if not all of the following:  Doc, Vandal, Friedboy and Dastrix most of the time we get some interesting conversations going. Oh how could I forget cake, lots and lots of cake (Only if vandal is not in the lobby).

  • Favourite game of 2010 thus far?

Trials has been really cool, only bought arcade games this year (you guys reading this are more than welcome to donate =D ) But thats all thanks to Dastrix, guy felt bad that all I played was COD and Gears and gave me some points. Respect to you buddy.


  • Your proudest gaming moment?

Winning the wingman tournie with Friedboy – such a difficult tournament against difficult opposition. But there is this little bit of magic that happens when we play together.

  • Describe yourself in 5 words.

I would describe myself as

  • What would you like to see in Gears of War 3?

All the people in the SA community playing the game. Bring back the oldies, we seem to play the same people and same game mode every night and it gets a bit boring. Then can Epic games actually test the game before they release it or is that too much to ask?


I doubt anyone from Epic will be reading this, but if you guys happen to, listen to what the man has to say.  Also, if you are reading this, remove the Sniper rifle and Torque Bow, so the playing field may be leveled and my head doesn’t go pop quite so constantly when playing Holden.  I sometimes think University students have way too much time on their hands to practice.

Gears of War, you continue to bring out the freaks.  And we all love freaks.  They make the game a joy to play.