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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

The Gears tourney is well underway and so far, a great success. There was a little bump to get over last week due to the SEACOM cable being down, but that did not deter or dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

This being said, no matches took place last week and some teams are doing some double time this week to make up for lost time, plus, it’s FUN! A quick wrap up for the first two rounds and this is what happened.  In the first round OAP [PP] was put down by those crazy, lovable guys from SOC. OAP [NN] had a good clash against GZ, but GZ got the better of them in the end.  Then, in a bit of an upset match, the underdogs CP beat SC! Watch out for them guys, it seems they have a couple of moves up their lancers and shotties! SC bounced back against OAP [NN] and put them in place and in need of their Nurses… In a bit of a controversial match, WAS vs. VbD, WAS came out tops. There was a bit of hoo-ha about lag and some guys were not happy about it. VbD graciously stepped back and gave WAS the win – good on you guys. Then, in a match two teams were looking forward to OAP [NN] and OAP [PP] took to the cyber world for some Gears fun. [NN] beat [PP] convincingly, but it was an OAP lobby, and everyone is a winner in an OAP lobby (I’m still licking wounds and need to stay positive…).

I tracked down Vandal and he was none the happier to answer some questions for Zombiegamer. Let it also be said that T3CH-9 has been crowned COD champs, again… Congrats guys, no easy feat, or was it?! Let’s see what Vandal had to say about the COD tourney and how is finding the Gears tourney so far…

  • Firstly, congrats on winning the DOgaming league! How does it feel to be champs twice in a row now?

Feels great. Anti-climatic, though, because it’s an online achievement and doesn’t really translate into the real world well, and we didn’t get any prizes. L

  • Was the competition tougher than last year? Who do you reckon was the toughest team you guys played?

The competition was tougher last year owing to the fact that it was Hardcore rules and people were taken out very easily by someone in a corner, so I guess it made games tougher. I guess for this tournament BoW(Special forces) was the toughest on one map because of the map (said this quite a few times), otherwise it was a pretty straight forward tourney for us. After all, in all the games we only dropped 4 rounds total (3 SND and 1 Demolition), which is nothing really.

  • What makes T3CH-9 so good?

Well, obviously highly skilled players but that only gets you so far. We like playing with each other and we communicate well. I guess over the past year we have really bonded as a clan so we feed off each other well in games.

  • Most importantly, did you guys have fun?

Oh yes, always fun pwning newbs lol

  • Obviously you guys will play next year when COD 27 is out?

Personally CoD is kinda boring at the moment, I haven’t played in a week. Some haven’t played any CoD since the tournament, others have gone as far as to break their disc. We’ll be playing in any tournaments with PRIZES though.

  • Right, onto the Gears tourney – do you play Gears often?

I play gears a reasonable amount, the only other guy that really plays gears in tech9 is my baby DoC 1471. Other than him the guys don’t really bother with it. I’m sure I’ve made you rage a few times in Gears 2.

  • I unfortunately need to ask this, what happened against CP the other night? (I’m gonna take some notes and use it later on…)

Well, I’m not playing with mah niggahs, Tech-9, in the Gears tournament so the side still has to work on communication. DoC and I have it down. CP played to win at all costs – sitting back with lansers etc – they had a gameplan, we on the other hand did not L I’m playing this Gears tournament for fun, not try-harding or anything like that. We have a beast in our team, though, in the form of Holden.

  • What is your favourite mode in Gears, Execution, Annex etc?

I like Execution , Gaurdian and Wingman the others I don’t really care for.

  • Weapon of choice?

B Button 😀

  • What do you think about the whole Guardian tourney that has been organized? Would you play again if one got organized?

It’s fine. We have a spaza leader named Dastrix that wants to organize 1 match every 2 weeks, so it’s kinda boring atm. But I’d play any Gears tournament because the people in general tend to just have fun playing.

  • Who do you think is the team to beat in the Tourney?

Honestly, I don’t even know who makes up the other teams playing, so ignorance/arrogance I’d say THE SHOTGUN CLOWNS, baby!

  • How did Shotgun Clowns come to be?

When a mommy clown and a daddy clown get together for a night of sexy time a clown is born a few days later. We beast like that.

  • Do you guys follow a strategy or just play for the sake of it? Does each team member have a specific job?

At the moment we really don’t have any strats, but I’m sure papa Holden will make sure we do for the next match, he was none too pleased when we got beaten by CP 🙂

  • Who is your nemesis in Gears, that one dude that sits like a thorn in your side…?

I hate everyone equally, but I guess any player who is really garbage but thinks he’s good because of a dodgy connection.

  • Do you use the term “wooosaaaa” a lot when playing Gears?

Nah, I just straight up rage, I don’t care who’s listening. Mute me if you like, the rage must come out!

  • Why the name Vandal?

Honestly, it’s not something I thought up. When I first decided to get on Live I was playing the racing game GRID, and in that game you can choose call signs, and I saw the name Vandal and it caught my eye. The rest is history.

  • Megan Fox or the title “Best gamer in SA”?

Megan Fox looks like a Thai hooker.

  • Describe yourself in 5 words.

I, Am, Better, Than, You.

  • Any pearls of wisdom?

Get on my Level, lol nah. Play on Live for fun, not to be the best, or it will only make your experience frustrating. If everyone just played for fun, and some seemed to be better, then c’est la vie but everyone is having fun. Playing to be the best is lame, after all, it has no affect on your real life.

  • Complete the phrase: “the chainsaw is….”


There you have it then, from the prize loving COD champ. Let’s hope T3CH-9 stays in the COD scene, not playing for a week is worrying!!! The COD scene without T3CH-9 is, well, it’s just not COD! Holden (aka the El Capitan of SC) seems to have a grip on the clowns, how he does it, I do not know, but it worked against OAP [NN]. It looks like they (SC) just needed to settle in with one another, get to know each other’s play style, some tactics and Holden’s iron fist to whip them into shape. Shotgun Clowns are definite contenders in this tourney, they just needed to fill those huge, funny shoes they wear…