Good morning. In an effort to send out positive vibes, we’re sure today will be a great one. In fact, we’re 100% sure it will be a great one if you started it by reading today’s Gaming News Wrap.

Breakfast Wrap 02The debut GTA V gameplay video will be out today at 4pm SA time.

The lightbar on the DualShock 4 cannot be switched off – whether you use it with a camera or not. Expect your battery life to be shorter than expected then. [via CVG]

The demand for the PS4 has outstripped supply. At least at GameStop. The retailer has stopped taking pre-orders for the console. [via GameInformer]

The Xbox One is likely to be revised for release in Japan. Microsoft Japan CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi feels the console is too geared towards a western lifestyle. [via Edge]

The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade sale has been dated and priced:

  • Brothers: a Tale of two Sons launches August 7th for 1,200 Points
  • Charlie Murder launches August 14th for 800 Points
  • Flashback launches August 21st for 800 Points
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows launches August 28th for 1,200 Points

Saints Row 4 will end the current story arc with new titles in the series heading in a new direction. That’s according to hints by design director Scott Phillips. [via GameReactor]

The PS Plus version of Drive Club won’t have all the cars and tracks, but the “online multiplayer, the asynchronous challenges and the single player campaign will all be present in the PS Plus version.” More about the game in a Q&A with the developers here.

A listing of PS3 Trophies has outed Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign DLC. No release date or price (if buying without a Season Pass) has been announced by Sega.

There are no plans for a sequel to ZombiU according to Ubisoft. The main reason for this is that the original simply was not profitable on the Wii U. [via GI International]


Splinter Cell : Blacklist

Sci-fi first-person shooter Alien Rage will be available on XBL, PSN and PC this “Autumn”. According to Joystiq that is on 24 September. Here’s a cinematic trailer to get you in tune with the story.

Destiny. Now with developer commentary.

Pacific Rim (The Game)