FIFA 13 | The Mad Catz 2up Cup announced for MWEB Ladders **UPDATE**

FIFA 13 Ladders Header

If you thought those ladders that MWEB operate only focus on that first person shooter series, you’re wrong, and will be proved wrong again in the future…

MWEB, Mad Catz and 2upGamers (or 2up for this tournament) are bringing both PS3 and Xbox 360 FIFA 13 players an opportunity to challenge and play their opponents both online and offline.

Yes, you can brave the South African internet for your matches, but if you attend any of the affiliated Monday night 2up Cup events, those results will contribute to your ladder standing too.

You will of course need to be registered on your preferred platform, and the matches will kick off from tonight at the 2upGamers event at Trinity in Cape Town.  Players registered will see their results from tonight affect their standings, and from then on, challenge away, or if you’re in Cape Town, head to one of the tournaments operating near you (details below).

FIFA 13 PS3 Players Register Here

FIFA 13 Xbox 360 Players Register Here

The Ruleset for Matches

If you’re wondering what the whole ELO points system is about, you can read more here.

The ladders start Friday 10th May up and will run until Monday 1st July.

The top 8 players on each ladder will advance to the Super 8 finals which will be held at the July 2upGamers event.  Any players outside of Cape Town that qualify, you will play your matches via Xbox LIVE or PSN on the night.

The Mad Catz 2up Cup is sponsored by Mad Catz, and prizes will be confirmed still, but you can expect MLG Controllers, Gunnars and vouchers to be in the mix.

So remember, get challenging via the MWEB Ladders, or attend one of these events to get your results contributed to you standing too (dates to be confirmed):

Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch, Eastwoods in Bellville, FIFAChamps, 2upGamers, Aanklas in Stellenbosch and Trenchtown in Observatory.  You can like the 2up Cup on Facebook, as dates and times will be announced there.  Or here too.


The prizes for the ladders have been announced, and the prize pool is a total of R2800 per ladder.