Electronic Arts took to the stage at E3 this year with plenty of expectations from fans. With Star Wars, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, Need for Speed and a host of the regular annual franchise additions they pretty much did what everyone expected but managed a surprise or two.

Please note, this article will be updated continually with any relevant information as it becomes available.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect 4 is officially Mass Effect Andromeda and will see you discover a new galaxy in a story set well after the original trilogy. There’s still a while to wait for the game though as it will only arrive next holiday season.

Before things kicked off EA’s Andrew Wilson announced that a dozen games would be shown during the conference, three being new IPs, including one of which will be “unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

We don’t think he meant Need for Speed though.

Need for Speed

The reboot of the franchise promises to be the “definitive” Need for Speed experience by borrowing all the best elements from across the franchise and putting them into the 2015 edition of Need for Speed. On 3 November you will be able to experience the customisation, open world, day/night cycles, multiple storylines and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


This was the surprise in the EA arsenal. The game is almost too cutesy, colourful and independent for the publisher, but it certainly is charming.

It’s a platform-puzzle game in which the game’s protagonist is made of yarn and called… Yarny. As you progress through the game, Yarny unravels and you need to keep collecting yarn to keep going.

Many will love the game, but some of us just want shooting…

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

And the war between the zombies and plants is only happy to oblige. There is co-op, single-player, local splitscreen co-op and free content updates promised when the game arrives in 2016.

Sports were up next, and while the annual addition do all the updating and upgrades and adding of new features, there is now a part of me that genuinely thinks it’s time to just allow gamers to buy the game as a discounted upgrade rather than a new title every year. So how about it EA? No? Fine…

NHL 16

NBA Live 16

Mobile Games

Mobile games featuring those damn Minions and one featuring the Star Wars universe got an airing. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes at least looks like it might be worth looking into.


A (to be honest, not entirely necessary) chat with Pele preceded the reveal of FIFA 16 gameplay. New features were revealed which included the FIFA trainer, body scanning techniques, and the addition of the Women’s League Team.

As a bonus, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team users can bag a “special item” pretty soon.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Faith’s origin story is the focus of this open world – or “truly free roaming” – game. No loading screens or levels are promised and pre-ordering the game will bag you the Combat Runner Kit or the Speed Runner Kit when the game releases on 23 February.

Madden NFL 16

The football game that features a rugby ball is of course back and better in 2015. A new fantasy football style mode will be featured when the game arrives later this year.

Star Wars Battlefront

The game that everyone was waiting for did not disappoint. If you love Star Wars, you will be like a kid in a candy store because every one of your Star Wars fantasies will be playable in the game. You will just need to wait until 17 November to enjoy it all.

It was almost a surprise not to see a Battlefield related announcement, or even one for The Sims, so to some degree, maybe EA is growing up a little in front of our eyes.