DotA 2 Eclipse CupDotA 2 competitions in South Africa do not really happen all that often. And lately they’ve often had an entrance barrier in the form of upwards of R1 000 per team in entry fees. This can deter most smaller teams from entering, as realistically they have little hope of accessing any form of prize money (as the split is exceptionally top heavy), nor do they have much hope in passing beyond the opening salvo of fixtures.And let’s not even start to talk about their recent quest to find a sponsor. It can leave smaller teams with a bit of a sour taste in the mouth to pay for that sort of treatment. The competitions that are out there seldom have the “anything can happen” feeling of the FA Cup, so lacking that magic it’s easier just to admit you won’t beat Bravado. Or Energy. But then a competition comes along that is a) free, b) seems to promise a substantial prize pool without limiting access, and c) has limited availability that is on a first come first serve basis

The Eclipse Cup, as it has styled itself, starts on the 4th of July and will see sixteen teams evenly distributed into four groups, with four teams in each group. These teams will engage in some classic smashing of the creeps so that by the end of the third week, only the top two teams from each group will progress to the next round. So far, so good. At the time of writing the Eclipse Cup boasts a prize pool of R10 000+ (and possibly peripherals) and a pretty wide range of experienced teams have filled the sixteen spots.

Groups & Fixtures:


Group Stages

Many of the names you will recognise from DGL Masters & Prem Division while some others are teams from lower Divisions. More notable are the teams electing not to register for the tournament. There is no Damage Control, xTc, Flipsid3 Tactics, VnR or CarboN signed up. Now in the name of authenticity can we just make sure the final is played when there is an actual eclipse happening?

You can keep up to date with the Eclipse Cup via their Facebook or website pages, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any confirmed games that are going to be up on Stream and try get that info out well before the time!