Castle Crashers PSN gets several new features

The Behemoth’s smash hit Castle Crashers is now available in European region PSN. The studio’s award winning second title stays true to the nostalgic 2D side scrolling style with’s  the humor and quality of gameplay we have come to expect from The Behemoth. Entirely hand drawn by renowned artist Dan Paladin, Castle Crashers delivers unique hi-res illustrated visuals like nothing you’ve seen before.

Castle Crashers PSN has several new features including:

  • Local join-in-progress
  • Team Arena play
  • Brand new Volleyball game mode
  • 2 new trophies “You are Insane” and “Social Networker”
  • A new Insane Store, with items to help you conquer Insane Mode

Castle Crashers features a unique mix of beat’em up action along with RPG elements letting you hack, slash and smash your way to victory. Along the way ‘Animal Orbs’ can be discovered who will do everything from helping you find buried items to chomping on the enemy’s head.

The game also features an “Insane Mode” unlocked after defeating regular mode. When beating up the bad guys just isn’t enough, battle it out in the Arena mode for a team or free-for-all, 4-player deathmatch. Or, because nothing says “medieval” like a good game of volleyball, see who has the best spike in the land in the brand new Volleyball game mode, featuring optional AI opponents for up to 8-player matches.

Add to all this a liberal sprinkling of blood and gore (which, by the way, parents, you can turn off) and tons of unlockables, and you have a game with endless replayability online or on your own.

Priced on the PSN at £10.99/€13.99 (Rating PEGI 16) Castle Crashers boasts 20 levels, over 40 weapons, and 20 unlockable characters. With both online or local multiplayer gameplay, hours of adventure await!

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