Battlefield 3 | The SA Dream Gear PS3 Close Quarters League Announced

BF3_PS3_League 2013

The Dream Gear Battlefield 3 Close Quarters League has been announced for PS3 teams.

Sponsors for the league are Dream GearAnimeworx and Supertest and will be hosted by SA clan GFY.

The league registrations close on 31 March, and the first game will start in the week of 11 April.  More details can be found on GFY’s website and the league does of course prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize:
(x8 ) Shadow 6 Wireless Controller for PS3
(sponsored by Dream Gear)

2nd Prize:
(x8 ) playstation 3 – 5 in 1 essential kit
(sponsored by Dream Gear)

3rd Prize:
(x4) R500 Animeworx vouchers that can be spend at any Animeworx shop or online on their website (sponsored by Animeworx)
(x4) R500 PSN vouchers that can be spend online in Playstation Store (sponsored by Supertest)

Individual Prizes:
(x2) Playstation 3 Battlefield 3 Vault’s which will be awarded to Killing Machine and Highest awarded in the League (sponsored by Animeworx)


Last clan entry 31 March
Matches start week of 11 April

Close Quarters BF3 Expansion Pack
Rules and Restriction
No C4 on flags, no MP7, no M5K, no Tactical Lights, no shotguns

Clans entering multiple teams may not substitute a main player from another team they entered in an event that a player cannot make a match night. All open slots that need to be filled may only be filled with reserve players.

The 1st round of the tournament will be a pool point’s base system, where the teams will be broken into 4 pools. Each team will play each other once a week primarily on Thursday night , Saturday & Sunday will be reserved as “rain days” where should there be technical issues the games may be played on these days. Each clan will have the opportunity to play Hosted and away games on their own rented Servers. Using this structure the tournament will run for a 7 week period. Each Match will have the following Rounds: 1 X Team Death Match (Warm up and time to get both teams settled not included in final points) 3 x Close Quarter Matches Domination 300%

Each Close Quarter Map will count as one point i.e. Team A wins 2
Domination Maps , Team B wins TDM and 1x Domination Map score will
be Team A 2 – Team B 1

Pool Points will be awarded as follows:
Win 3 points.
Lose 0 Points.
White Wash bonus point 1 (Should a Team win all Domination maps they
will awarded this point)
The Top 2 teams from Each Pool will proceed to the next round of Quarter Finals which is an Elimination Round Winners of these rounds will progress to the Semi Finals and Winner to the finals.

You can also check out this thread on the SAGamer forums.