5050 Esports have a new co-owner

Local console MGO 50/50 Esports have recently announced that Brad Cherry (aka BradCherryZA) will become co-owner and co-manager alongside Pren Naidoo (aka FF__Haunted). This followed hot on the heels of Brad announcing his plans to emigrate to the UK.

So which one is true and which was a red herring? Well, both are true actually.

Yes, BradCherryZA will become BradCherryEU but he has no plans to turn his back on #CoDZA.

According to Brad he decided to take the opportunity as he still wanted to be involved with the local Call of Duty community even after the move. A strong friendship with Pren and an admiration of the 50/50 brand due to the work of Pren to maintain and grow it all weighed into the decision.

Pren and I have been talking about my involvement in 5050 for a number of months. He was struggling to manage his brand, compete at a level that was satisfactory to him, maintain his standard at university, as well as other things that tiny 19 year olds do. Hence the reason for him stepping down as a competitive player. He then decided that he wanted to take 5050 to the next level with regards to social media presence and other methods of growing the 5050 brand, which are in the works right now.

So what about the team rosters heading into the WWII season?

The team rosters aren’t confirmed right now unfortunately, but we are working behind the scenes to get players. We wanted to get my announcement done so then I can help look for players too. We are still deciding on the players that will be representing the brand for the next season of Call of Duty.

5050 at EGE 2017. Pren Naidoo on the far right.

That sounds a little like a team rebuilding after a mixed Infinite Warfare season – something Brad agrees with and one the brand is looking to improve on:

During the 2017 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season, both 5050 teams came up with mixed results. 5050 Black (under 18 side representing 5050) proved their dominance online placing top 3 in all tournaments. Unfortunately they couldn’t maintain these results on LAN as they placed top 8 at EGE during the month of July and top 12 at the VS Gaming Championships during the month of October.

The 5050 Red team (over 18 side representing 5050) had a large number of roster changes throughout the 2017 season. They placed top 12 throughout all of their online competitions, 9th at EGE, 5th/6th at the VS Gaming Championships and 2nd at the RUSH LAN. A lot of mixed results came from the 2017 Call of Duty season, but we will definitely be looking to improve on those results in the next season.

So, it looks like it might be a good time for free agents and other budding competitors looking for a team in the console Call of Duty scene to get noticed because “#CoDZA will be seeing a lot from 5050 Esports during the Call of Duty: World War II season. #Highrollers”

Until around 11pm on 4 January 2018, the MGO is giving away a pair of Kontrol Freeks FPS Freek CQC. If you want to enter, you can do so here.

50/50 Gaming Contact Information:
Twitter | Facebook | Email: 5050Esports@gmail.com

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