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Microsoft previously announced that the Xbox One would be allocated with over 300 000 dedicated servers, but now it’s confirmed that all multiplayer titles will have the option of dedicated servers.

A Microsoft representative confirmed the news to Polygon, who report that the servers are part of ‘Xbox Live Compute,’ which will be the console’s cloud.

Microsoft director of marketing, Albert Penello also claimed on NeoGAF that all developers will have dedicated servers, cloud processing and storage for saves.

“If you want to do dedicated servers on other platforms, you have to prop them yourself,” Penello wrote. “But on Xbox One, while developers can choose to use their own methods, we make it available to everyone.”

“We offer Xbox Live Compute to all Xbox One developers for free,” the Microsoft rep later confirmed to Polygon.

The only catch with this is that individual developers have control over how they use Xbox Live Compute, so it is not guaranteed that all multiplayer games will necessarily use dedicated servers, explains Polygon.