Eurogamer is reporting on “widespread reports of Xbox 360 Achievements being completely wiped” and how those affected can deal with the issue.  At the same time Microsoft is aware of the issue and believe it is now resolved.

Eurogamer originally reported that a number of their readers had written in with “personal accounts of their score and Achievement tally disappearing” and that the forums are also full of similar complaints.  Mark – a Eurogamer reader – sent in the following:

“Turned on my Xbox this morning and booted Mass Effect 2. Got an Achievement, hit the Guide button to check out what. And then I discovered that my Gamerscore had been reset to zero,” wrote Mark (surname withheld). “I’ve been subscribed to Live for almost four years, racked up a humble 7000 Ggamerpoints over 20-odd titles.

“All of it was gone,” he added, “bar the 15G Achievement I’d just unlocked. All my history of other Achievements in other games had been completely wiped, the whole history.”

Mark said he’d phoned Xbox Support who were “aware” of the problem and had had “40-odd” other calls of a similar nature.

“No idea what caused it,” Mark closed, “but naturally I’m gutted. And I’d imagine a lot of other people will be too. “

Since then, the following post has been made on the forums:

Hey all, we’re aware of an issue that is causing users’ achievements to appear missing on their profile. At this time, we believe the issue should be resolved, and you should be able to recover your achievements by following these steps:

1. Please sign out of Xbox LIVE, then sign back in. If your achievements are not restored after this point, please continue to the next step.

2. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please try earning another achievement. If your achievements are not showing correctly at that point, please wait a couple hours, and then try again.

If for any reason these steps don’t resolve your issue, please create a new thread in this forum with a description of the issue, and any steps you’ve tried so far to resolve it. If you’re receiving a message about a ban or Gamerscore reset, you will need to post here. Thank you!

Further advice from Microsoft to those experiencing issues is to “delete and recover their profiles.”

The Xbox support website points those with zero Achievements and Gamerscores to this page for information on how to do this.