Phew. rAge Digital Edition is shaping up to be a busy one. While you may not get to physically push your way through a crowd from point to point on the expo floor this year, you will be able to experience that mad rush to enjoy everything on offer in the virtual realm.

There is so much happening that we are certain you will miss something happening, and if we’re honest, the activities listed below may not even cover everything. But we’re trying OK?


rAge Digital Edition is from 6 to 8 November. It’s online, and it’s almost everywhere. The rAge Hub will be the best starting point, but you will need to get your free ticket to access that. Doing so gets you into a draw for a  Lenovo L340 laptop sponsored by Incredible Connection.

Once you are online, the hub is likely to send you off to one of the myriad of expo partners and vendors. Those have plenty of activities on offer including esports, streams, panels, digital cosplay and a whole lot more. Let’s try and direct you to the options available over the weekend so you can stand in line to win.


The rAge live stream will be via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, as well as partner channels. A full day-by-day schedule is available here. You can also get more information about the rAge Digital Edition by visiting


ACGL are offering a variety of cash cups, competitive leaderboards, matchfinders, a treasure hunt, random giveaways, a Roxy avatar and more. ACGL’s goal for rAge 2020 is to get you to ‘engage with rAge‘. The ACGL micro-site for rAge can be found here.



Prizes by Roccat and Razer are up for grabs if you place top of the leaderboard at the end of the weekend (17h00 on 8 November ) for the following:

Leaderboard details can be found here.


On Sunday, compete against others searching (or pre-schedule a challenge) and you can win a Turtle Beach headset in the following matchfinders:

Cash Cups

Saturday is a traditional cup day. A variety of cups will be hosted, each offering a cash prize pool:

Sunday features a cash prize pool for an Apex Legends custom lobby cup on PC.

Registrations remain open until five minutes before match start, or until the player capacity is reached.

Live Stream

On Sunday, the finals for League of Legends, Rocket League and COD Mobile will be hosted. These will be live streamed on the ACGL YouTube channel from 10h00.

Wheel of Fortune

Syntech and their partner brands are sponsoring a series of random giveaways. Complete tasks on the ACGL site – including playing matches, completing a treasure hunt and more – and you will earn rAge tokens to use for spins and gain entry to the giveaways. More can be found here.


MTN Arcade and Asphalt Nitro have partnered with rAge 2020 to bring R30,000 in cash to the fastest mobile racers. Participate in the two Limited Time Events over the weekend to secure spot in Sunday’s cash finals, which will also be an in-game Limited Time Event.

You will need to subscribe to MTN Arcade and download the game to compete. MTN Arcade is charged at R3/day, but the first day is free, so what do you have to lose? Head to the competition micro-site for the leaderboards and more.


UGC is bringing fighting fans a fair amount of action with DragonBall Fighter Z, Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. The latter two titles form part of the Red Bull Hit the Streets qualifiers. Players can sign up via the rAge Drive event page if they’re keen to compete or tune in to UGC’s Twitch channel for live broadcasts.


Friday plays host to the Africa Games + Esports Careers Day, which will see a variety of panels and discussions happening. These discussions will include esports and gaming jobs, game development and more. The panels start at 09h30 and run until 16h00 on the rAge streaming platforms.


A celebration of local content creators is planned over the weekend. 25 of South Africa’s most active streamers and YouTubers will be in action doing what they do best. You will also have the chance to win rAge Loot Boxes for tuning in. The schedule and more on each content creator involved can be found here.


A number of local gaming communities will be participating in rAge, and each will feature a variety of activities including Minecraft, mobile tournaments, additional tournaments, community live streams and panels.


The GES Cosplay Contest will span three categories (Pop Culture, Gaming, and Anime/Manga) and six divisions (Solo, Group, Skit, Construction, Representation, and Master). There is an R80 entry fee, but you might already be too late as submissions needed to be completed before the rAge weekend… But you will be able to catch cosplay related content on the weekend via the streams. Sunday will host the competition finals at 12h00.


A series of CS:GO showmatches featuring local MGOs Bravado Gaming, DNMK Esports and Goliath Gaming. The action will be live on stream on 7 November as Bravado Gaming (from Team Alienware) and Goliath Gaming & DNMK (from Team Predator) will go to battle while Arnie chews on a cigar or something. Either way, the match ups should prove entertaining. Full details can be found here.


The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) returns to rAge digitally this year and will share video content, including ‘highlights from previous events, success stories and inspiring educational content.’ The World Robot Olympiad will be “encouraging South Africa’s brightest young minds to create futuristic tech solutions.” More on the WRO’s activities can be found here.


Look, we’re only so good at tracking things down, so there might be things we missed. If so, please let us know and we will update. In the meanwhile, get your tickets (available for free all weekend) or join the action via the other partner portals, and see you on the virtual expo floor.