Being throttled means this is going to be a tough doom to do, let’s hope YouTube plays along. [I get great pleasure out of throttling you actually… – Undead Ed]

First off, the second trailer for Jupiter Ascending is out.


Below is a teaser for Into the Storm. It is just a bunch of text though.


I don’t think I am ready for Let’s be Cops. It stars Blankman’s son, Damon Wayans Jr.


A new trailer for Edge of Tomorrow is out and it looks good. Getting excited for this one now.

Finally, the trailer for Hercules is out. This movie seems so out of place. Really wish I was familiar with the source material. Just doesn’t seem like a greek movie. Might just be me though. I know nothing about Greece.


Another trailer for Days of Future Past is up, giving us a bit more scope on the movie. I still can’t place it.

Oh hell yes. Been waiting for this one for what feels like forever. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I cannot be more excited!

Thought I would share something cool today as well. This dude below sings Frozen’s epic song, Let it Go in the voices of 20 other Disney characters. It is too good.

And if that didn’t do it for you, this Honest Trailer of Captain America: The First Avenger sure as hell will.

Check out this awesome teaser poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Yes, teaser posters are a thing now!


There are more over here…

Ending of this week with a red band trailer for Neighbours. Not the crappy Australian show though. It does have Zack Afron in it thought… I think everyone is going to start liking him soon.