Just over six months ago we started our clan profile feature under the rather catchy moniker ‘Undead Ed chews the fat with… *insert clan name here*’.  Looking back now we kinda feel a little smug with ourselves.  We’ve covered 26 clans over a variety of platforms and games.  However, we probably shouldn’t take all the credit for the feature.  If it hadn’t been for the nagging from High 5 we probably would’ve still been thinking about it.  It’s been so long, we thought (well, they thought actually) it would be time for a re-visit to find out what’s gone down since we first asked Who are you?” and they replied “High 5: Let it rain alcohol from the sky!!”  This time however, it was not our intrepid Undead Ed taking the lead, but me.  And I had to join a lobby filled with members of High 5.  I’m still in therapy.  And I still have weird dreams every night since…

So… How’s it going guys?  You still the oldest clan on Xbox or are you now one of the youngest PlayStation 3 clans around now?

*Laughter*.  [Well giggles actually.]

Haven’t seen you guys around Gears much lately.

*More laughter*.  Someone whispers “Kak Game”.  *Fits of laughter*.

Alright.  Who the hell muted me?  Damn trolls.  So, you guys have some new members?

Dastrix [thankfully]:  Yip, Bull3tSaint, qedi, maryjane, surferboy9074, Doc and Vandal.

Some of the old Tech 9 guys are back on console?  You guys have a good history, having played together under other names before.

Dastrix:  When High 5 originally were down to their last two original members in myself and Nick [Holden ZA], Tech 9 approached us to join them, but we decided to rebuild High 5 and started by bringing in Jimmytediblwyrm and Google ZA.  Now we’ve kinda returned the favour and they’ve obliged.

What makes (or made) the rest of you want to join the clan?

Google ZA: We’re like a dysfunctional family. [One could never tell from time in your company…]
Bull3tSaint: Yeah, it’s like family.
 Jimmytediblwyrm: I met and hit it off with Nick and Dastrix ages ago and it went from there.
Jed Jungle: I eventually agreed after sexual favours were offered…

“Let’s play some Modern Warfare 3”.  “Yay”.  “Let’s shoot Zombie!”  Wait.  What?  No, I just came here to talk.  You know, make love, not war.  But they weren’t listening.  Mass hysteria and faux raging later I was in last place and desperate to get a kill against someone.  Then Dastrix appeared to spawn right in front of me and I used the cheapest tactic I could.  I stabbed him in the back.  Erm.  No hard feelings right?  Silence followed by laughter.

You certainly are a clan who don’t mind to have a laugh while playing.

Dastrix: We like to have fun too.  But when the game is competitive we put on our serious face.

So how goes the race for the MainGaming League Title?

Dastrix: We have a few tough weeks ahead against eVo teams, LO$T and Ap3x Titans.  We’re sitting near the top and enjoying it – it’s definitely something we would like to see happen more. [See disclaimer below.]

What needs to happen in SA gaming to really take competitive and professional gaming up a notch?

Dastrix: More awareness in general of console gaming.  Distributors however appear to simply step back and hope games sell themselves.  They need to get more involved with the competitive scene and sponsor and nurture it.  More – and bigger – sponsors need to get involved with clans.
Also needed are more regular leagues (similar to MainGaming) for console with structures in place by third parties and not players.
In the end, console gamers can – and need to make it happen.  Clans need to be constant and stay together as it takes time to build a clan to its full strength.
With High 5, we see ourselves as a brand and each member is willing to fight for console gaming and promote the platform we love.

And… back to the zombie killing.  At least this time around we teamed up.  Of course any side with me in it was going to be at a clear disadvantage.  “Old guys against the young guys”.  OK.  But what’s Nick doing with the old guys?  “Original members against newer members.  Zombie, you’re with us.”  I would love to pretend that I was an asset for the team of Holden, Dastrix and Jimmy, but the truth is I was a great decoy – the sort of thing any clan needs to be genuinely competitive.  So, can I like to be a member of High 5?  I’m dysfunctional too you know.  The – now – ubiquitous laughter.

Are you guys going to jump over to Black Ops 2 competitively when it launches?

Almost all: Definitely.
Holden: Black Ops 2 is being designed with competitive play in mind and we have high hopes for it and the scene it will spawn.

But surely console gaming should consider taking a leaf out of PC gaming’s book and pick a Call of Duty with staying power to play rather?

Holden: South Africa is driven by international standards.  Whatever is being played at international tournaments is the standard in SA.  If we could be playing Call of Duty 4 we would be, but the community is too small as it is.  On PC, the mods allow for the longevity experienced by Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops – which isn’t possible on console.

You guys are diversifying a little too.  I’ve heard plans of… *whisper it* Battlefield 3?

Dastrix: Yip, 5 August we will play our first Battlefield 3 clan match against Xbox clan DTF.  We have a good plan for the match.
Google: The worming trick.
[I never discovered what the worming trick was, but High 5 were beaten by DTF who by all accounts owe High 5 a return match in Modern Warfare 3.]
Dastrix: We also play Forza, FIFA and now Magic competitively…
Holden: We will beat any clan in Magic.

Strip Uno?

Dastrix: Of course…

Thanks guys.  In closing – what’s your favourite gaming website?  Saying “Zombiegamer” will get you all a virtual hug…



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