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Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin claims the “average player” will take around 35-40 hours to complete the game.

Morin was addressing a fan on Twitter, explaining that players who spend a bit of time free roaming should be done in the said time.

He did however explain that those looking to complete and see everything could rack up closer to 100 hours. Eurogamer also note that this would be excluding online play, so the game definitely seems to be an extensive package.

sunil kumar @vytla102 asked Morin on Twitter:

@Design_Cave plzz tell me how big is the WD game in story wise..? like how many hours it will take to complete story mode..? plzz reply

To which Morin @Design_Cave replied:

@vytla102 I would say the average player which does free roam a bit tend to reach the end within 35-40h. But doing everything is close 100h.